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Backup MS Azure Cloud data to fully protect your business and provide you with immediate access 24x7 to all your critical business data on MS Azure, whenever you need it. More importantly, you will get full control and ownership of your data with a backup to a physical local storage.

Please use the following steps to backup files using AhsayOBM on Microsoft Azure.

  1. On your desktop, click the AhsayOBM icon.
  2. Once you're on the AhsayOBM login page, enter your credentials to access your account. Then, click [OK].
  3. From the AhsayOBM home screen, select [Backup Sets].
  4. Click the [+] sign to create a new backup set.
  5. Rename the file backup set or use the default name provided.
  6. Change the backup set type to Cloud File Backup.
  7. Expand the drop-down menu of Cloud Type, then click Microsoft Azure.
  8. Enter the Storage Account Name and Access Key.
  9. Keep Global as the default selection for Region.
  10. Click [Next].
  11. Select which container to use for the backup set.
  12. Click [Next] to continue.
  13. Select the files and/or folders you aim to backup.
  14. Click [Next].
  15. Turn on scheduled backup.
  16. Click the [+] sign to create a new backup schedule.
  17. Enable Run Retention Policy after backup. Click [OK], then [Next] to proceed.
  18. Select Concurrent as backup mode
  19. Leave the maximmum concurrent backup destinations on default.
  20. Then click the [+] sign to add a new storage destination. Ahsay Drive is selected by default.
  21. Click [OK].
  22. Click [Add] to add another destination, then select a local destination.
  23. Click [Next].
  24. Keep the default setting for Encryption. Click [Save].
  25. Keep a copy of your encryption key. Click [Confirm].
  26. You now have the option to backup your files by clicking [Backup Now].
  27. Or click [Close] and wait for AhsayOBM to backup your files on the schedule you set it on.