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Ahsay APIs (Application Programming Interface) contain a complete set of REST APIs that allows MSPs to exchange data and functionality in real-time. MSPs can easily integrate Ahsay backup service into their existing workflows and other external applications such as automated user registration, customer billing, monitoring events etc. It improves efficiency and user experience while saving money. MSPs can use Ahsay API to automate tasks and integrate new systems and services.

Ahsay RESTful APIs

What are the benefits

  • Efficiency

    Automate the transfer of information between Ahsay and other systems. Facilitate easy integration of Ahsay with your existing systems and workflows.
  • Cost Savings

    Assist MSPs in lowering operational costs by removing the need for customized software development and reducing the need to transfer data to multiple systems manually.
  • Reduce Errors

    Automation of data transfer will reduces potential errors. Improve operational efficiency and user experience.