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Success Stories

Bacloud Success Story

Bacloud is Ahsay's MSP partner. They provide data center services to customers worldwide. Learn more about how Bacloud works with Ahsay backup to win the market.

DataSafer Success Story

DataSafer has partnered with Ahsay since 2013. They selected Ahsay because of its ease of implementation, functionality, and rebranding capability.

Zoner Success Story

It is easy to upsell our customers Ahsay backup because of all the benefits it brings to them.

Onestep IT Success Story

Onestep IT chose Ahsay whitelabel backup solution because of reliability. They can centralize to manage backup and recovery status.

Arebas Success Story

Ahsay solutions is 100% integrated and complete and offers very attractive value for money.

iCOM Backup Success Story

iCom is Ahsay's MSP partner from Brazil. The features iCom like most on Ahsay are: recoverability, data compression ratio and people (technical support).

TeraBox Success Story

Ahsay backup software has been a reliable partner in serving our Vietnamese customers. It has consistently protected their data and prevented data loss disasters.

SmartCloud Success Story

In CryptoLocker ransomware attack, not a single file was lost due to Ahsay backup, and it was an easy and fast restore.

Mindtime Success Story

Using reseller channels and Ahsay online backup software, Mindtime Backup has been providing each SMB the best backup solution in Europe for 20 years

Safe Data Storage Success Story

Our end-user client base proliferated with the Ahsay product.

ITS AG Success Story

"Ahsay Being Fully Brandable Makes All the Difference", said Daniel Schrod, CEO of ITS AG. Learn more how ITS AG how to work with Ahsay.