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DataSafer has partnered with Ahsay since 2013. They selected Ahsay because of its ease of implementation, functionality, and rebranding capability. Read more details from Walber Castro,Executive Director, DataSafer.

1. What do you want to achieve in your business?

Our primary objective is to champion data backup and storage services in the Brazilian market. We aspire to be the most reputable company in this sector in our country. Ahsay's backup service has been a key enabler in our journey, aligning perfectly with our mission and contributing significantly to our success.

2. Why did you select Ahsay’s backup service?

We have been in partnership with Ahsay since 2013. We were drawn to Ahsay's backup service due to its seamless implementation, robust functionality, and unique ability to rebrand.

3. In what way Ahsay helped your business?

Ahsay's product has been instrumental in our backup operations and has contributed significantly to our revenue.

The flexibility to trade on specific projects and the option to market backup by volume, without the need to pay for backup agents, has opened doors to larger markets.

These advantageous conditions are a testament to our strong business relationship with Ahsay.

Reseller success story from Brazil

4. What would you like to do more with Ahsay's backup product/ solution?

The features and the possibility of integrating the backup solution with our Object Storage service are significant differences.

Premium support is also of great value to us.

Do you think your solutions/ services are satisfying your customers?

Our solution has been well-received by small and medium companies, with most of them expressing satisfaction.