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NAME : Mr. Apostolis Hatzigeorgiou
COMPANY : Arebas

Apostolis Hatzigeorgiou, Owner of Arebas, implemented Ahsay backup solution for very important companies in Greece. Ahsay solutions is 100% integrated and complete and offers very attractive value for money. Lean more. 

1. Company history and background

Arebas is the first company in Greece to focus mainly on delivering outsourcing services to small and medium businesses. It was founded in April 2006 (formerly known as HACSNET) due to a merger/acquisition of three service companies that provided Accounting, Networking, IT Security, and Backup services. All shareholders are experienced individuals, and their analysis and assessment of conditions in the Greek Market convinced them that there was a viable opportunity for a company specializing in Outsourcing Services.

2. The most successful case you have experienced

During these 11 years, we had the privilege to experience, in many cases, how much the need for an Outsourcing company in Greece was. We now serve over 200 companies and professionals covering several different service areas with over 2.100 workstations. Our specialty is the provision of state-of-the-art online backup services. One of the many successful cases was the absolutely 100% successful restoration of a Client's data after a robbery at their offices in November 2007. We immediately reacted by ordering and delivering new hardware in less than 48 hours (seven workstations and one small server). We restored all Clients' data using Arebas - our branded version of Ahsay's All-in-one AhsayOBM. As a result, our client, one of the two largest advertising companies in Greece, gold partner of Leo Barnett, Coca-Cola, and Marlboro, was very satisfied and posted announcements on the country's largest newspaper, NAFTEMPORIKI. That was a huge reference and advertisement for us, and since then, we have seen a remarkable rise in interest in our Backup Solution.

Reseller success story from Brazil
Arebas CEO Mr. Apostolis Hatzigeorgiou (middle left) with Ahsay CEO Mr. Schubert Chong (middle right), in March 2017

3. What is your market position in your country's online backup industry?

The market for providing this service in Greek Mid-Market Businesses is fragmented, and no company has yet acquired an identifiable market share. However, we are the most recognizable backup solution provider since we have implemented our solution to very important companies in Greece, such as public institutions, many professionals, and Greek Mid-Market companies.

4. When did you start your relationship with Ahsay?

We started our relationship with Ahsay 11 years ago by introducing Arebas to the Greek Market, and we are now Ahsay's largest partner in Greece. We aim to establish a much more robust solution to the market, targeting every Greek Business and professional.

5. What is the importance of Ahsay's products in your business mix?

When Arebas was founded, providing a backup solution was equally crucial to the other solutions we designed for accounting, networking, etc. We have reorganized our company by creating a separate Line of Business for Arebas, having targeted to dominate the Greek SMB. Easy to understand, Ahsay's products are crucial and strategic for Arebas. Therefore, our Board of Directors invested almost 500K Euros in Arebas, 19 times more than the initial approved fund 11 years ago!

6. Comment on Ahsay's products and services

Ahsay's products and services have three significant characteristics: The solution is 100% integrated and complete and offers very attractive value for money. The support is speedy and focused on solving the problem and serving the client or the partner. The above were the main reasons we decided to cooperate with Ahsay rather than another provider. If we were to evaluate again, we would choose Ahsay's products and services.

7. How do you compare Ahsay's products and services with those of other similar products?

As stated above, the solution is 100% integrated and complete, offers very attractive value for money, and provides fast, focused support that solves the problem and serves the client or partner. Other solutions in the local and global markets need help in encryption and support.

8. What is the mix of your customers using online backup services? (e.g., home, small business, hosting company, etc.) What are your sales and marketing tactics for each market?

We have implemented our solution for very important companies in Greece, such as public institutions, large companies, professionals, and Greek mid-market companies. We have customers in several business areas. That is one of the significant advantages we can apply to everyone, and our business structure allows us to do so. Our sales and marketing strategy includes:

  1. The regular sponsorship of events and seminars.
  2. Release of marketing brochures and advertising banners.
  3. Constant announcement of sales offerings.
  4. Daily face-to-face meetings with prospects and current customers.

Arebas is, at this point, implementing a very critical business project with two principal axes: From a technical point of view, we have already implemented four major Business Continuity sites with clustered Arebas Servers in Europe (please see the servers map). In parallel, we follow a revised marketing strategy, which includes the sponsorship of events and seminars, offerings through the Internet, and presentations to major local integrators in large Greek cities and Cyprus to propose a partnership with Arebas. We aim to create a robust partner network to implement our pressing project plan to deliver Arebas services everywhere possible in Greece and the greater area.

What are the difficulties in marketing your online backup-related service in your country? How do you tackle them?

Apart from the very unpredictable economic situation of the Greek Market, the major difficulties we have come up with involve various confidentiality issues. The only way to tackle them is through discussion and through signing a contract where we clearly state that we cannot monitor their online communications, nor will we edit or remove their content without their written permission, etc.

How can Ahsay build stronger relationships with our partners, including your company?

First of all, working with Ahsay is a pleasure. Ahsay as a company behaves very clearly and up to a point, and that way, it avoids misunderstandings and makes the business very easy for all. Our board has decided to support Ahsay's business in Greece and Cyprus at a significant financial cost by requesting the privilege of becoming the local Exclusive Distributor. We strongly believe that Ahsay should centralize administration by assigning local Exclusive Distributors - and focus on supporting mainly them directly. These Exclusive Distributors should be responsible for organizing and supporting local partner networks. The whole Partner Network would strengthen since its 'roots' - even the smallest partner - will strengthen by enjoying closer local support.

What are the opportunities in the online backup industry?

Online Backup as a Service has a very broad coverage capability. It applies to everyone worldwide, and therefore, the opportunities in the online backup industry seem endless. We strongly believe that this is the new IT trend for the next decade, and our decision to invest in the online backup industry proves it.

How can Ahsay and our partners grow faster together in the near future?

 Arebas believes that how Ahsay invests in the relationship and cooperation with its partners is very professional. In this direction, we should all together fight for the common good. 

Do you have any other suggestions for Ahsay?

The primary strategic suggestion is to assign exclusive distributors around the globe.