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Safe Data Storage Success Story

NAME : Magnus Larsson (Co-owner)
COMPANY : Onestep IT

"Onestep IT chose Ahsay whitelabel backup solution because of reliability. They can centralize to manage backup and recovery status.", said Magnus Larsson, Co-owner of Onestep IT.

Onestep IT, a customer focused IT solution provider in Sweden, decided to partner with Ahsay and use our whitelabel centralized managed backup solution to provide cloud backup service to their business customers.

Onestep IT business philosophy

"Offering an easy choice to customers was our primary mission when we decided to start Onestep IT. It's because before we started, we often heard complaints from end customers about other IT service providers in the market that the scope of offering was technically complicated and difficult to understand. Customers were always tied up because they needed to sign long service contracts. We found that such industry practice offered us a golden opportunity to excel, as we chose to offer the exact opposite options to our customers. We aimed to be a partner that is clear, knowledgeable and easy to work with." Magnus Larsson, Co-owner of Onestep IT explained their business philosophy.

Ahsay uses Microsoft Azure to backup business

"Backup is one of our key services. We always need a reliable backup solution with centralized management capability to serve our customers and give us a clear view of their backup and restore status. In case any issues happen, we want to get noticed by the system and fix them for customers in a timely manner. We started to search for an ideal solution at the end of 2016. Ahsay was on our selection list because some of our employees used Ahsay before from their previous companies with good results and experiences. Also we like Ahsay's ability to use Microsoft Azure as we want to host all the backup data there. We tested the Version 7 product for a month, specifically on the cloud backup and restore reliability for files, SQL and Exchange, as well as the centralized management feature. All with good results. That's why we decided to go for it in January 2017." said Magnus on why they chose to partner with Ahsay.

Ahsay offers good and effective customer support service partners

Regarding the comment on Ahsay, Magnus said, "It's been a few months now since we adopted the solution, and everything works just great. The product is reliable, cost effective in terms of setup and operation, and it's easy to manage. I must also say that Ahsay offers good and effective customer support service to us and their partners."