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Ahsay uses data compression to reduce the size of all files before they transfer over the internet or network to the backup destination(s). The compression of backup data minimizes the volume of data that needs to transfer, improving backup performance. Compressed data requires less storage space, thus, will reduce storage charges.

Ahsay Features

For better resource control and backup performance for different environments and data sources. Ahsay supports four different types of compression settings:


It provides the highest level of data compression, similar to gzip compression. But with the highest CPU usage.


Data compression will be faster but with less compression and lower CPU usage. The compressed file will be larger compared to the Normal setting.

Fast with optimization for local

Uses the Snappy compression library when backups are to a local storage destination. This setting has the lowest CPU usage, very high speed, and reasonable data compression. But compressed file size may be larger than Fast.

No Compression

Files are not compressed during backups. Suitable for backup of files that are already compressed or have a very low compression ratio, i.e. .zip files

Data compression is most effective when used together with data deduplication to minimize data size which will result in the following:

  • Reduced network traffic.
  • Faster backup performance.
  • Reduced data storage usage & charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide good reseller package. If you are interested in becoming an Ahsay reseller. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

The cost of your backup service will depend on two factors; backup data storage requirement and type of backup plan (File /NAS, Databases & VM, or Microsoft 365 backup plan).
An Ahsay subscription plan already includes the use of Ahsay Drive which is powered by Microsoft Azure. However, you can save even more money by selecting a bring your own drive/storage plan. Check out our pricing

A single Ahsay Managed Backup-as-a-Service(AMBaaS) subscription covers backups of unlimited devices or endpoints to Ahsay Drive cloud storage. There is no need to invest in additional hardware, set up centralized backup servers, provision storage, or hire experienced IT personnel to manage your backups.

There different types of subscriptions plans available depending on your customer requirements; File, virtual machines & databases, and or Microsoft 365. You can get started and have your backups running in a few minutes.

If you still have questions, please contact us on WhatsApp or send us an email.

If you prefer a backup solution that is based on a license purchase model we recommend you use the Ahsay self-hosted backup solution. Check out our self-hosted license pricing

Ahsay is committed to offering the best available data protection technologies on our backup solutions such as AES 256-bit data encryption, 256-bit SSL communication, Two-factor authentication (2FA), Immutable backups, Air gap backups etc.