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Backup Windows System State. Fully protect unlimited endpoints!

It would help to have a trusted and reliable solution to backup Windows System State. Protecting your Windows system settings from hardware failure, data corruption, or human error is insufficient. It would help if you also protected it from ransomware and hackers. Ahsay uses the latest technology to do all of this. We show you how.

AES 256-bit encryption

It encrypts all your backups with AES 256-bit encryption. So, only one can read it with your permission.

2FA access control

The use of two-factor authentication (2FA), so no one can get access to your data without your permission.

Immutable backup

It makes your backup data immutable so no one can change or delete it.

Restore Drill

More than just having backups is required. You also need to ensure you can recover your backup data when needed. Ahsay Restore Drill regularly checks all your backup data and ensures it's in good shape. You can have peace of mind and complete confidence that all your backups are always ready to use.

Ahsay Backup Windows System State to Local, FTP/SFTP, and Public Cloud

Backup Windows System State to avoid permanent data loss!

Don't risk losing your important data forever. It can hurt your business. You can lose your reputation and your customers and even face legal problems. Ahsay helps you avoid all these problems with regular Windows System State backups. You can store your backups in local or public cloud storage and recover your data anytime. You can also keep unlimited versions of your data, not just the latest one. Please don't wait until it's too late. Fight back against hackers and ransomware.

Get an Ahsay backup plan Now! Start at US$2.0/month. It's a small price to pay to protect your business. You will never have to worry about ransomware or ransom payments to hackers again!

Why use Ahsay to backup Windows System State?

Ahsay Backup and Restore

A backup Windows System State protects your servers and PCs against Windows system crashes, boot up failures, or corrupted Active Directory Service. You should regularly perform Windows System State backup for your Windows AD Server to protect it against data loss. An Ahsay Windows System State backup leverages the Microsoft's Windows Server Backup tool for 100% compatibility, it includes at least the following data, depending on the server roles that are installed:

  • Windows Registry
  • COM+ Class Registration database
  • Boot files Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) database
  • Active Directory database (Ntds.dit)
  • SYSVOL directory
  • Cluster service information
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) metadirectory
  • System files that are under Windows Resource Protection

Faster backups and lower storage usage

Save up to 50% on storage space and costs when you backup Window System state using Ahsay. Data deduplication engine will find and remove duplicate data blocks. Only unique data blocks are uploaded to the backup destination or cloud storage. The engine also finds unique data blocks for future backups when the Windows System content changes.

Enterprise-grade security

With Ahsay immutable backups. your backup data cannot be changed, deleted, modified or encrypted for total ransomware protection. On top of that, data security and privacy is protected using AES 256-bit truly randomized encryption that is impossible to be hacked even by brute force attack with supercomputer. Ahsay also provides two-factor authentication (2FA) to control access to your backup data.

Maximize data protection

Backup data to multiple destinations including; local drive, network share, FTP/SFTP server, and public cloud storage sequentially or concurrently. With multi-destination backup, you can implement the 3-2-1 backup rule for maximum data protection.

Guaranteed data recovery

Backup data can potentially be corrupted over time due to hardware failure or storage problems. Using Ahsay Restore Drill helps ensure the integrity of your backup data with fully automated recovery testing of your backup data. This will give your backup data a clean bill of health at regular intervals for extra peace of mind. Along with a restore report to certify the status of your backup data.

Flexible scheduling

Scheduled or automatic backups ensures backup are performed at regular intervals according to the specific environment, so you’ll always be able to access the most updated Windows System settings.

Unlimited retention & versioning

Older versions of Windows System state backup can be kept in the backup destinations as long as you want through retention policy settings.

Easy deployment

Get your Ahsay Windows System state backup running in a few simple steps.

Most affordable solution on the market

An Ahsay subscription allows you to backup Windows System state on an unlimited number of endpoints, from just $1.50/month. It delivers the best value for your budget!

Ahsay Backup and Restore

How to backup your Windows System State?

How Windows Backup System State / Active Directory works?

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