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Users Reviews

Ahsay customers are happy with our solution because of our rich features and customer oriented support. We have consolidated some of our customers' comments for your reference.

  • We have been using Ahsay’s Backup service for several years. And I have tried to retrieve the backup when my computer was damaged many times. Ahsay was very stable.

    Ahsay service allows us to easily back up and restore our important data. Ahsay's backup system is stable and reliable. Every time we need to retrieve the backup. Ahsay gives us great peace of mind, knowing that our data is safe.

    The user interface of Ahsay Backup service is also very intuitive and easy to operate. We can easily select files and directories to backup. Overall, we are satisfied with Ahsay’s Backup service. Provides reliable protection for our data.

    Edmund Chu

    Senior CS Officer, myID

  • We have used Ahsay Backup services for our clients for the last 20 years. For the past two decades, we have trusted Ahsay Backup services to provide our clients with data protection and recovery solutions. With Ahsay's reliable and efficient services, we have never lost valuable data or suffered from prolonged downtime. We highly recommend Ahsay Backup services to anyone looking for a trustworthy and proven backup solution for their business.

    Frank Dirks

    globalonly, Ahsay MSP Customer

  • Ahsay has made it easier for us to secure our data and recover it in the event of incidents. All our customers now have this package by default in the solutions we sell them. With this measure, both we and they are more secure in their day-to-day work. We have the complete package which includes file share, vm, databases and Microsoft 365.

    Luis Cabaco

    In-Solutions - CEO

  • Ahsay is a great company and leader in cloud backup. Great service. A great choice for entrusting your backups. I use it to backup my virtual machines and important files. A simple to use and powerful system at a very competitive price. Very efficient for the purpose of controlling backups.

    Jonatas Teles

    Objetiva Solução

  • Finding Ahsay has been an easy and effective experience, thanks to the company's intuitive platform. When it comes to what to back up, flexibility is the key, allowing us to protect all critical data, from documents to entire servers. Furthermore, the service team has been incredibly helpful, providing exceptional support and guidance whenever needed. The simplicity of the backup and restore process is a major highlight, saving time and ensuring the security of our data reliably. In summary, we are very pleased with Ahsay's services.

    Luan Bolfe

    Partner at MagnaData Sistemas

  • Ahsay Backup, the backup and restoration procedure has become much easier and safer, I am using it in my environment and that of some clients and I highly recommend it. I am using it to backup hyper-v, sqlserver, and file server, in addition to everything it also generates very complete reports so that we can monitor all the jobs executed.

    Abilio Silva So

    Oracle Database Administrator - DBA

  • We use AhsayOBM since many years (more than 10) completely satisfied and reliable.

    Chris van Mullem

    Founder at AAS Logistics

  • Ahsay's backup system is very simple to use, the price is very competitive. I recommend purchasing Ahsay's services.

    Ludercino Filho

    Ahsay user

  • This is the most efficient and best platform for a perfect backup set. I used the software for a long time through a company that sells the software services in my country and now I am interested in purchasing the software directly and starting to set up my backup system. The system knows how to backup anything and provides an answer to any backup solution you are looking for.

    Amal Kabha

    MSP from Israel

  • Very good service and easy to setup I am using this for more than a year now. From Tech support to design you can save more than 80% compared to other cloud backup for IT companies or individuals or small businesses. You can backup all type of hardware and applications including windows Android and Linux.

    Akhtar Gul Khan

    Ahsay user