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Users Reviews

Ahsay customers are happy with our solution because of our rich features and customer oriented support. We have consolidated some of our customers' comments for your reference.

  • I have just had the need to use your restore function to backup files lost to the global virus attack earlier this week. Your software worked beautifully providing access again to valuable data. I have only good things to say about your service, company and software. Yours is a valuable contribution to the IT backup world. Thanks Very Much!

    Richardson Cook, Proscenium Research

  • After many days of researching different solutions and testing each product, Ahsay was the one that came out on top. The right combination of features for the right price.

    Josh Hardin, Hardin Technology

  • We have transferred our off-site backup client from NovaWeb to Ahsay and achieved great success. The backup runs smoothly, has powerful reporting capabilities, and OEM customization flexibility is exactly what we are pursuing. The API will allow integration with your billing system, which will save a lot of time on the backend. I just hope we can switch as soon as possible

    Glenn Hall, PlanNet Technologies, Inc


  • I have a lot of good things to say about your support. I have sent you many questions and always get answers, sometimes a few hours after I sent them, sometimes a day.

    The good thing is that you have many good documents and good answers to questions.

    I have been working hard to deal with other foreign manufacturers, and the documentation and support there are very poor. Doing business with people who do not understand the value of good support and customer service is very difficult, labor-intensive, and annoying. “

    Geir Kristoffersen. Backup Banken AS

  • Ahsay is listening to their partners and always improving the product. Ahsay Backup Software is also very easy to set up and taking backups has never been easier.

    Olivier Tollet, Connectis

  • We have used Ahsay backup software over 5 years to serve our Vietnamese customers. It helped our customers so much to protect their data and save them from data loss disasters for many times. We received great support from Ahsay Support Team and Technical Team, too.

    Dang Ngoc Chien, Terabox Technology Co., Ltd

  • RapidHost were looking for a remote backup solution that they could really recommend to their customers. We found it with Ahsay 's products. Great product with great service and support to match

    Iain Robertson, RapidHost Ltd

  • AhsayUp Upgrade Service was an unexpectedly helpful service - we were prepared for quite a lot of issues but in the end it was such a smooth task with a dedicated engineer from Ahsay that we wondered why we didn't do it earlier.

    It is really important to have a robust backup solution within Veber's product range. Ahsay covers so many different server and workstation solutions that it is a product we actually want to use.

    James Robinson, Veber

    IT Solution Specialist

  • We believe that Ahsay has three major characteristics: fully integrated and complete backup solution, best value for money product, fast and customer-focused support service.

    Apostolis Hatzigeorgiou

    General Manager