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Backup App Branding Service

Backup App Branding Service is a premium professional service for helping customers to customize and rebrand your own backup app.

Benefits to consider

  • Cost-effective way to build your own backup app

    Backup App Branding Service certainly saves your effort and shorten your time to market. You can then focus on activities that add more value to your business.

  • Powerful Promotional Tool

    Delivering instant promotional messages to the right customers is important. With a customized backup app, you are free to promote your company news anytime to your customers on the advertisement page of the app. Save advertisement costs on other promotional channels.

Scope at a glance

Ahsay can help customers rebrand backup app (for Android only). Service includes:

  1. Change App name to your own brand name.

    Ahsay Backup App Branding Service

  2. Change App icon to your own icon.

    Ahsay Backup App Branding Service

  3. You can post your advertisement on the app.

    Ahsay Backup App Branding Service

  4. Change your own scheme color on app.

    Ahsay Backup App Branding Service

  5. Change your company logo and contact information on app.

    Ahsay Backup App Branding Service

Mobile app compatibility

  • Android 8 or above.
  • Working camera.

How to work?

  • We gather your requirement.
  • We will build the mobile app in an .APK file (for Android) and send it you.
  • You can share the .APK file to related parties and install the branded app to Android mobile devices.

Estimated delivery date

Ahsay Mobile Team will take 7-14 working days to build your Mobile app.


  • One-time job US$300
  • Or US$300 for the first time and after 3 months US$150/quarterly