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04 September

New Ahsay v9.7.0.0 Released

Supports: 1). Immutable backup; 2). Restore Drill; 3). VMware vCenter/ESXi v8 ; 4). Microsoft 365 Archive Mailboxes ; 5). Synology DSM 7.2 ; 6). QNAP QTS 5.1; 7). Ubuntu 22 and 23; 8). Debian 12;  9). Super charged 20X restore performance ; 10).
20 March

New Ahsay v9.5.4.0 Released

Supports: 1). macOS 13 (Ventura); 2). Synology DSM 7.1; 3). MS SQL Server 2022 ; 4). Google Drive - support for OAuth 2.0 ; 5). Updated Tomcat v8.5.82 for improved security, along with other tweaks and fixes.
09 January

New Ahsay v9.5.2.0 Released

Supports: 1). Forget password feature for sub admin accounts; 2). Improved backup/restore performance for SFTP server; 3). Google Cloud Storage location - Tel Aviv, along with other tweaks and fixes.
09 November

New Ahsay v9.5.0.0 Released

Supports: 1) QNAP QTS 5.0.1; 2) AhsayOBM 2FA on QNAP/Synology; 3) OAuth 2.0 for SMTP Server Setup; 4) OpenStack Xena; 5) OpenStack Yoga; 6) Upgrade to Tomcat v8.5.82 for improved security, along with other tweaks and fixes.
27 June

New Ahsay v9.3.2.0 Released

Supports: 1). MS Teams; 2). QNAP QTS 5.0; 3). MariaDB 10.8; 4). VMware Workstation 16.2; 4). New Wasabi regions; 5) Upgraded to Tomcat v8.5.79, as well as many fixes and minor enhancements.
06 May

New Ahsay v9.1.4.0 Released

Ahsay v. released with features enhancement on cloudFile backup, application specific backup-hyper-V and miscellaneous. View full release notes.
28 February

New Ahsay v9.1.2.0 Released

Ahsay new version v9.1.2.0 released with features enhancement on application specific Backup - Office365, Hyper-V and VMWare. View full release notes.
25 January

New Ahsay v9.1.0.0 Released

Supports: 1). deduplication to filter out all duplicate or repeating data blocks; 2). Faster backups/ restore speeds; 3). Faster Hyper-V/ VMware startup speed ; 4). 2FA extends to Linux and FreeBSD backups; 5).
11 October

New Ahsay v8.5.4.86 Released

Supports: 1). Faster backup speed for Microsoft Office 365, file backup sets, data migration, Ahsay Mobile backup, and AWS S3 compatible Cloud Storage; 2). Support Signature Version 4 for AWS Compatible Storage; 3).
09 August

New Ahsay v8.5.2.106 Released

Supports: 1). Tomcat to v8.5.69;  2). File Backup with Shortcut Path even if the Windows Authentication Credential is changed; 3). Better handling when backing up Broken Symbolic Link; 4).
05 July

New Ahsay v8.5.2.62 Released

Supoorts: 1). Ubuntu 21.04 and FreeBSD 13 support, 2). New APIs for creating Policy Group and Predefined Destination, 3). Enhanced installer building engine for customization, 4). Email report enhancement, and more.
19 April

New Ahsay v8.5.0.127 Released

Supports: VMware vSAN, Oracle 18c and QNAP QTS 4.5.x, enhanced Microsoft Office 365 backup, upgraded Apache Tomcat 8.5.63, and many more.
26 January

New Ahsay v8.5.0.63 Released

Ahsay Mobile app - backup photos and videos on iOS/Android devices Two-Factor Authentication for OBM, ACB and CBS login Oracle 19c MariaDB 10 Backup report enhancement VMware VDDK API updates<
28 September

New Ahsay v8.3.6.30 Released

Office 365 Modern Authentication Quick Multiple Users Selection in Office 365 Backup Set Enhanced Periodic Data Integrity Check VMware Version Check for Changed Block Tracking Issue. Check out the fu
03 August

New Ahsay v8.3.4.42 Released

Supports: 1).Ubuntu 20.04 LTS / MS SQL Server 2019 / VMware ESXi and vCenter 7.0, 2). enhanced CBS APIs, 3). new destinations support, 4). better Office 365 backup and restore performance, 5). new periodic scheduled backup, 6).
06 February

New Ahsay v8.3.2.11 Released

supports: 1). CentOS 8 for AhsayCBS and AhsayOBM, 2). Enhanced large number of VMs' listing for VMware backup, 3). Applying hotfix through Auto Update Agent, etc.
14 November

New Ahsay v8.3.0.30 Released

Supports: 1). enhanced performance on Office 365 backup and restore; 2). 2-factor authentication login; 3). support of Lets Encrypt SSL certificate with Java 8; 4). resumable upload/download of files between CBS and OBM/ACB; 5).
10 September

Amazon Cloud Drive - Termination of Support

We regret to inform all partners that due to circumstances beyond our control, we have no option but to terminate all technical support relating to Amazon Cloud Drive with immediate effect.
02 August

Upgrade of Ahsay Online Shop

Ahsay Online Shop ( will be upgraded on August 5th, 2019 (Monday) at 09:45 - 10:45 Hong Kong time (GMT +8). During this period, the service will become unavailable.
17 July

Power System maintenance

Please be informed that our Power System will be under maintenance on 21st July, 2019 (Sunday) from 08:00-19:00 GMT+8.
18 June

Ticketing System maintenance

Please be informed that our Ticketing System will be under maintenance on 22nd June, 2019 (Saturday) from 14:00-18:00. During the period, the service will become unavailable.
24 April

Critical Vulnerabilities on v7 and v8

Recently, several critical vulnerabilities were covered which exposes all versions of AhsayCBS v7 and AhsayCBS v8 to Cross-Site Scripting (XXS) and XML External Entity (XXE) attacks. Don't worry! We have the solution for you.
02 April

New Ahsay v8.1.1.50 Released

Ahsay v8.1.1.50 is released that comes with a Windows Client Digital Signature for replacing the to-be-expired one, and other bugfixes.
11 February

New Ahsay v8.1.0.50 Released

Supports: Sectigo CA (formerly Comodo CA) certificate, support of Windows 2019 for AhsayCBS, auto identification and update of custom SSL certificate type in AhsayCBS, and some bugfixes.
22 January

New Ahsay v8 Released

Enhanced the Office 365 backup features. The previous Office 365 Exchange Online module has been evolved into a total Office 365 backup solution, covering all types of data backups for Office 365.