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Encryption Key Recovery Service

In case a backup user has lost an encryption key for their backup set, and you have configured the user to upload the key to your AhsayCBS server before it is lost, you can purchase our self-service encryption key recovery service to recover the key automatically.


Recover an encryption key of a backup set by yourself from the EncryptionKeys-YYYY-MM-DD.json.rgz file(s) uploaded to your AhsayCBS.


  • Purchase "AhsayCBS Encryption Key Recovery Service" in Ahsay Shopping Centre
  • Upload the encrypted encryption key (EncryptionKeys-YYYY-MM-DD.json.rgz) into Ahsay Shopping Centre during the purchase process or from v7.9.2.0 or a newer version of AhsayCBS.
  • If the affected user has entered a contact email under their profile, then the decrypted encryption key will be sent to that email. Otherwise, you can send the decrypted key to either your Primary or Alternative Email recorded under your account.


The key will be sent within 15 minutes after successful payment.


US$50 per backup set's encryption key



  • The encrypted encryption key uploaded to your AhsayCBS (EncryptionKeys-YYYY-MM-DD.json.rgz) is located in [%CBS_USER_HOME_PATH%\%username%\%backupset_id%\settings] folder.
  • You only need to upload the file with the latest date for each backup set. 
  • To engage in this Professional Service, you must have valid maintenance. For inquiries, please contact us.


How to prevent backup users from losing encryption keys