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Backup mobile devices. Free for Ahsay users!

Your mobile data is valuable.

Backup mobile devices are an important part of modern life, most people rely on them for various tasks. So a significant amount of personal information is created and stored on our phones, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents. Just imagine all the precious memories captured in photos and videos with family and friends during special occasions. Backup mobile devices is very important, as these memories are priceless, and if they are lost, they can never be replaced.

Ahsay is user-friendly to backup your data.
Free for Ahsay users.

Ahsay mobile app is free for Ahsay users. Ahsay offers a simple-to-use and feature rich solution to backup mobile device data. The best part is that it’s absolutely free to use! It works on all types of mobile devices running on Android and iOS. It can backup mobile device data automatically or on-demand. There are no cables or wires to setup. It backs up all your photos, videos, and other files to your Windows or Mac computer, every time your mobile devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi. So you have a fast backup to local storage which is quick and easy to restore your files from. As backups do not use mobile data, you save money on mobile data charges! Ahsay Mobile backup is designed with smart features to help it work efficiently with all types of mobile devices, optimizing battery usage and storage. It starts backups only when your mobile device is charging and can pause backups if the battery level is low. You can resume them once your battery is charged.

You won't lose your mobile data.

Ahsay Mobile not only helps you to recover your lost files to your current mobile device. It can also be used to recover your files to a replacement mobile device. That's not all! Your can recover your files to devices on different mobile platforms; Android to iOS or iOS to Android.

Ahsay Backup mobile devices - Free for Ahsay users

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Ahsay Backup and Restore

Automatic backup without a cable connection

Photos, videos, audio, and document files are automatically backed up to a selected folder on your Windows or Mac whenever your mobile phone or tablet device is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. No messy cable connection is ever required.

Backup information on SD cards

Ahsay mobile can even backup your photos, videos, and audio files stored on SD cards.

Stored in native file formats

The native formats of photos, videos, audio, and document files are preserved. The allows for the restore to original or a replacement device to be done quickly.

Backup while charging only

Ahsay mobile can run a backup only when your mobile device is charging, ensures backups can be completed without draining your battery.

Power saving mode

Automatically pauses your mobile backup when your battery level is low, this will save power for other vital functions on your mobile device.

Free up space

The contents such as photos and videos that has already been backed up is automatically removed from your mobile device to free up storage space.

Browse your files from your computer

You can browse and or recover your backed up photos, videos, audio, and document files conveniently from the desktop of your Windows or Mac computer.

Flexible restore option

With the restore file explorer, you can conveniently view the contents of photos and videos. As well as choosing to restore all photos and videos or choose to restore the photos and videos that you need.

True cross platform file restore

Ahsay Mobile not only helps you to recover your lost files to your current mobile device or to a replacement mobile device. It can easily recover your files to devices on different mobile platforms; Android to iOS or iOS to Android.

2FA Authenticator

Ahsay mobile app serves as a two-factor authentication (2FA) tool to protect your backup data from being deleted by hackers.

A great marketing tool

MSPs can Ahsay Mobile to send alerts, news, or details of promotions to their clients using push notification through the mobile management portal.

Ahsay Backup and Restore

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