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Data storage has become a major concern for organizations. The amount of data generated is increasing at an exponential rate, which has led to the need for more storage space. However, with limited storage resources, organizations need to find ways to optimize the use of their storage space. One of the most effective ways to do this is through data deduplication. Ahsay highlights data deduplication for users as it saves them storage space and cost. What is data deduplication? How does it work? How do you save storage space and cost? Let’s explain in detail.

Data deduplication is the process of identifying and eliminating duplicate copies of data.

Ahsay uses a sourced-based data deduplication engine which is powered by an advanced content-based chunking algorithm, to deliver fast and efficient deduplication to identify and filter out all duplicate data blocks from the selected backup data, only uploading the unique data blocks to the backup destination or cloud storage. The data deduplication engine also identifies unique data blocks for subsequent backup jobs where files are updated or added.

Data deduplication used together with data compression will provide further reductions in data size.

Ahsay Data Deduplication

How much storage space can be saved?

  • Up to 50% for regular files (word, excel, audio, photos, videos etc.)
  • Up to 60% for databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB etc.)
  • Up to 90% for Hyper-V and VMware


Ahsay Data Deduplication

Main points when you are using Ahsay data deduplication

  1. Data deduplication will result in faster backups and recovery as less physical data is transferred.
  2. Lower network bandwidth utilization
  3. Significant savings in storage usage translate into significant savings in storage charges.

More benefits

Reduced Storage Costs

The primary benefit of data deduplication is reduced storage costs. By removing duplicate data, organizations can save a significant amount of storage space. This, in turn, reduces the need for additional storage resources, which can be costly. Data deduplication can help organizations optimize their storage space, reduce their storage costs, and allocate resources more efficiently.

Improved Backup and Recovery

Another benefit of data deduplication is improved backup and recovery. Data deduplication reduces the amount of data that needs to be backed up, which can significantly reduce backup times. Additionally, since there is less data to back up, the time it takes to recover data is also reduced. This can be especially beneficial in the event of a disaster or system failure.

Enhanced Data Security

Data deduplication can also enhance data security. By removing duplicate data, organizations reduce the risk of data breaches. Duplicate data can be a security risk since it can be accessed by unauthorized users. By removing duplicate data, organizations can reduce the potential for data breaches and improve their overall data security.

Data deduplication is a powerful tool that can help organizations optimize their storage space, reduce their storage costs, and improve their backup and recovery processes. Additionally, data deduplication can enhance data security and reduce the risk of data breaches. As such, it is a critical component of any organization's data management strategy. Download free trial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide good reseller package. If you are interested in becoming an Ahsay reseller. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

The cost of your backup service will depend on two factors; backup data storage requirement and type of backup plan (File /NAS, Databases & VM, or Microsoft 365 backup plan).
An Ahsay subscription plan already includes the use of Ahsay Drive which is powered by Microsoft Azure. However, you can save even more money by selecting a bring your own drive/storage plan. Check out our pricing

A single Ahsay Managed Backup-as-a-Service(AMBaaS) subscription covers backups of unlimited devices or endpoints to Ahsay Drive cloud storage. There is no need to invest in additional hardware, set up centralized backup servers, provision storage, or hire experienced IT personnel to manage your backups.

There different types of subscriptions plans available depending on your customer requirements; File, virtual machines & databases, and or Microsoft 365. You can get started and have your backups running in a few minutes.

If you still have questions, please contact us on WhatsApp or send us an email.

If you prefer a backup solution that is based on a license purchase model we recommend you use the Ahsay self-hosted backup solution. Check out our self-hosted license pricing

Ahsay is committed to offering the best available data protection technologies on our backup solutions such as AES 256-bit data encryption, 256-bit SSL communication, Two-factor authentication (2FA), Immutable backups, Air gap backups etc.