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  1. Ahsay data deduplication significantly reduces storage usage and therefore storage costs, as well as improves backup and recovery performance.

  2. Enterprises need to backup Microsoft 365 due to complete own and control your critical data.

  3. In this guide, Ahsay will discuss how to manage your backup effectively in 3 steps.

  4. Endpoint backup ensures that data stored on individual devices is backed up to a secure location, protecting it from data loss.

  5. Ahsay will explore how ChatGPT can help backup and recovery your business data.

  6. Backup all your Microsoft 365 data for full data ownership and control.

  7. To ensure data protection, businesses should consider backup solutions that can handle the distributed nature of hybrid workplaces and provide real-time syn.

  8. Ahsay will explore the benefits and importance of using the Microsoft 365 Archive Mailbox feature.

  9. Backup software operates under a set of rules and sends copies of data to cloud storage.

  10. Ahsay shares several tips to save backup time and make the process more efficient.