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Resell Your Backup Solutions

Tremendous Income Opportunities for Resellers

By reselling Ahsay Backup Software to your client network, there are substantial income opportunities from these areas:

  • Rebrand and customize into your brand
  • Let your clients host their backup solution
  • Low price, leaving you huge room for mark-up!


With our competitive low pricing, there is enormous room for you to mark-up and earn reselling profits. You can further increase your income by providing professional value-added services to your customers, such as installation, configuration, hardware maintenance services, etc.

Cloud Storage

Many cloud storage providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon ,offer solution provider programs with attractive commissions. Therefore, when your resell branded backup software to your customers, you can also resell those cloud storage to them as the offsite destination for storing the backup data for disaster recovery to earn commissions from those providers.

Hardware Bundling

Many businesses still need to host their backup data in-house for speed, compliance, infrastructure, and other reasons. By bundling your branded Ahsay's backup software with server hardware, you can form a unique backup appliance to cater to their needs. This all-in-one backup appliance allows you to make profits from both software and hardware.

Data Replication

For your clients who have deployed Ahsay for in-house backup, you can offer data replication services to them as additional offsite data protection for disaster recovery. With the latest Ahsay Backup Software, you can host the replicated data in your datacentre, or to your cloud storage. This replication service can be your extra recurring income stream.

Your Business Opportunities from Your Clients
Assuming your clients are primarily small to medium-sized businesses with simple IT infrastructure, these are the solutions that most of them need:

Backup NAS data

Most SMBs store their critical data on NAS devices. Therefore, these devices must be backed up to prevent disasters from wiping out their data, e.g. hardware failure, ransomware attack. With our Ahsay NAS backup agent, they can securely backup NAS data offsite, such as FTP/SFTP server or public cloud.

Backup Microsoft 365 data

Businesses of all sizes widely use Microsoft 365. With Ahsay backup software, your clients can easily backup data from Microsoft 365 Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, MS Teams, and public folders with your branded Ahsay backup software to protect against data loss.

Backup databases, VM, and mail servers

Our VMware / Hyper-V guest VM backup, MS Exchange database and email level backup, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle backup are still our best-selling items, meaning many of your clients should still need them.

Cloud-to-Cloud backup

Many businesses now have ample amounts of data stored on the cloud, e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. By reselling Ahsay to them, they can easily backup cloud data to another cloud, FTP/SFTP sites, and local/mapped network drives.

How to rebrand Ahsay's backup software?


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