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MSP Backup. Safeguard your enormous SMB data.

MSP backup takes care of tremendous SMB data. It would help to have a trusted and reliable solution to backup local data. Protecting your local data from hardware failure, data corruption, or human error is insufficient. It would help if you also protected it from ransomware and hackers. Ahsay uses the latest technology to do all of this. Let's explain one by one.

AES 256-bit encryption

It encrypts all your backups with AES 256-bit encryption. So, only one can read it with your permission.

2FA access control

The use of two-factor authentication (2FA), so no one can get access to your data without your permission.

Immutable backup

It makes your backup data immutable so no one can change or delete it. You can restore data instantly even suffered ransomware attacks. No need to pay ransom. 

Restore Drill

More than just just just having backups is required. You also need to ensure you can recover your backup data when needed. Ahsay Restore Drill regularly checks all your backup data and ensures it's in good shape. You can have peace of mind and complete confidence that all your backups are always ready to use.

Ahsay MSP Backup. Safeguard your enormous SMB data.

MSP Backup to avoid permanent data loss!

Don't risk losing your important data forever. It can hurt your business. You can lose your reputation and your customers and even face legal problems. Ahsay helps you avoid all these problems with regular local backup. You can store your backups in local or public cloud storage and recover your data anytime. You can also keep unlimited versions of your data, not just the latest one. Please don't wait until it's too late. Fight back against hackers and ransomware.

Lower cost to generate more profit margin! 

We offer the most competitive and flexible pricing to fulfill your backup needs. Support multi-destination and unlimited endpoints. Start at USD$1.5/100GB. 

Complete MSP backup solutions

Ahsay Backup and Restore

Managed service providers (MSP) always offer small business backup solutions to their small business clients. We discuss what is complete small business backup solutions for MSPs and how MSPs can benefit from it.

Ahsay delivers backup solutions for MSPs. Including

  1. Microsoft 365 Emails / SharePoint / Teams / OneDrive backup
  2. Cloud-to-cloud / cloud-to-local backup
  3. Synology / QNAP NAS backup with a dedicated agent
  4. VMware / Hyper-V VM backup
  5. MS Exchange database and mail-level backup
  6. MS SQL, MySQL databases backup


MSP benefits

Huge income opportunities

By using Ahsay Backup Software as the core of your managed backup service, there are huge income opportunities from these areas:

Support popular storages

The price of public cloud storage has become very affordable recently. With the support of popular public cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage in Ahsay Backup Software, MSPs can now offer your customers reliable managed backup service with cloud redundancy and demand-based pricing and earn handsome recurring income.

Wholesaling / Reselling

With our competitive pricing, there is an excellent markup potential for wholesalers and resellers to earn huge reselling profits. You can increase your income by providing professional value-added services to your customers, such as installation, configuration, hardware maintenance services, etc.

Optional to choose hardware bundling

Although cloud backup has become a trend, many businesses must deploy a backup solution in-house for compliance, infrastructure, and other reasons. By bundling a rebranded Ahsay Backup Software with server hardware, you can form a unique backup appliance to cater to these businesses needs. This complete backup solution allows you to profit from software and hardware.

Income from data replication

For those customers who have deployed in-house backup appliances, you can also provide replication service to them as an additional offsite data protection for disaster recovery. With the latest Ahsay Backup Software, you can host the replicated data in your data center or the supported cloud storage. This replication service will be your extra recurring income stream.

Ahsay Backup and Restore

MSP backup business opportunities

Ahsay Backup and Restore

Most small businesses have simple IT infrastructures. All critical files are stored on one or a few NAS devices, with some other data stored on the cloud, such as Microsoft 365. Not all businesses have in-house IT staff to plan and look after their data backup. Those businesses have considerable needs to utilize outsourced managed backup services.

Microsoft 365 data backup

Many small businesses have widely adopted Microsoft 365 to replace the self-hosted Exchange and SharePoint servers. With Ahsay, you can securely back up Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams Online, and OneDrive to prevent any data loss.

NAS backup

With our AhsayOBM NAS backup agent, you can securely back up all data on your Synology and QNAP NAS devices. Built-in retention policy allows users to restore data to any previous version when needed.

Cloud-to-Cloud / Local backup

You can prevent critical data loss on your primary cloud by backing up data from their public cloud to another cloud, local storage, FTP/SFTP sites, external USB drives, or local/mapped network drives.

Offsite backup

You can host your users' backup data on your data storage in the data center or on your public cloud storage account, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

The Easiest Way to Start a Backup Business | Create Your Income

Ahsay backup for MSP features

Ahsay Backup and Restore

MSPs central web management

Our AhsayCBS centralized web console gives MSPs various tools for monitoring all users' backup and restore activities. Problems can be easily identified through the dashboard so that you can take rectification actions accordingly.

Rebranding and customization

The whole Ahsay backup solution is fully re-brandable for MSPs. All logo images, wordings, backup server URLs, and certificates are customizable. MSP can build installers of branded CBS, OBM, and ACB through the AhsayCBS web console quickly.


Ahsay's multi-tenancy design allows an MSP to create and manage different isolated tenants within a single product copy. We treat each tenant as a User Group representing a business unit, branch office, department, customer, and other entity. Each tenant can have policies governing the assigned settings unique to such tenants.

Unlimited free trial accounts

You can create unlimited free AhsayOBM / AhsayACB trial accounts for potential customers to try all the features and performance of your managed backup service without consuming any paid license.

Resellers management

An MSP can recruit multiple resellers to help sell the MSP's managed backup service. Each reseller can use its branding and domain to sell the backup service while the backup data is hosted under the top MSP storage facility. All these can be configured under the AhsayCBS web console.


Primary AhsayCBS can perform close to real-time replication for all users' backup data and server settings to another standby machine. The replication server can have its retention settings for additional backup data protection. Also, when the primary AhsayCBS is down, the administrator can quickly switch the replication server into a backup server to minimize the downtime.


With AhsayCBS API, you can extract the usage data for making your own usage and billing system or integrate Ahsay's data into your existing management system to fulfill your needs.

Audit trial

The audit trail in AhsayCBS management console provides administrator a clear chronological record of the activities that happened on the backup server for troubleshooting purpose.

Competitive pricing

We offer the most competitive and flexible pricing to fulfill your backup needs. AhsayOBM client agent includes free File, Microsoft Exchange Server Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Windows System, and Windows Systems State backup modules. AhsayACB client agent includes free File and Windows System backup modules. Learn more.

Rebranding service

If you want to rebrand our software, pay a low one-time rebranding option fee. Then, with valid software maintenance, you can self-rebrand the software through AhsayCBS.

Top notch support

Our Support Service runs from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, Monday to Friday, Hong Kong time (GMT+8), which has coverage for most time zones. You can contact us by "Ticket," and "Live Chat". Contact us.

Ahsay Backup and Restore

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