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NAME : Daniel Schrod (CEO)

"Ahsay Being Fully Brandable Makes All the Difference", said Daniel Schrod, CEO of ITS AG. Learn more how ITS AG how to work with Ahsay.

"Ahsay Being Fully Brandable Makes All the Difference" Daniel Schrod, CEO of ITS AG. With Germany's highly competitive ISP and web hosting market, ITS AG had to differentiate itself quickly to avoid cutthroat price wars. In 2004, Daniel Schrod saw online backup as a value-added service for his web hosting customers, which enabled him to differentiate the company from the competition. He evaluated various online backup engines from Google search and eventually adopted Ahsay as the engine powering up his online backup service. Daniel accurately predicted that online backup would be a killer service for his customers and that it had the potential to be ITS AG's key revenue driver. With the service rolled out for three years, ITS AG has successfully unlocked Germany's online backup market potential.

Envisioning the boundless growth of the untapped data backup market, ITS AG has become Ahsay's exclusive distributor in Germany since 2007 to help more local businesses unleash Ahsay's power in securing critical data.

In an interview with ITS AG at Ahsay's headquarters in Hong Kong, Daniel shared his market expansion strategy and explained his tactics for market differentiation with online data backup services. The following movie clips capture the key points of the interview, which may bring insights to those offering online backup services. He also shared his anticipation of the private market as the next focus for all players.

Daniel Schrod (left) and Schubert Chong shared valuable opinions in the office. Big plans are coming. During the three-day visit, Daniel and the Ahsay management exchanged opinions in the areas of product development, customer support, sales and marketing, etc. "Partners are always welcome to visit us, and we always treat them as friends. Talking face to face helps strengthen partner relationships much faster than email communication alone," says Schubert Chong, CEO of Ahsay.

Video 1:

  1. ITS AG's background
  2. Why ITS AG chose Ahsay
  3. Competition in the past three years
  4. Why Ahsay's "fully brandable" feature is important to partners
  5. How Ahsay's product is compared with those of the competitors

Video 2:

  1. Comment on the management direction of Ahsay
  2. Flexibility of Ahsay
  3. Practical marketing tools to capture end-user market
  4. Tips on handling customers' concerns
  5. How to raise customer's interest in online backup service

Video 3:

  1. The key technique of sales presentation
  2. Way to further expand the market
  3. Future opportunities and challenges in the online backup industry

Video 4:

  1. Role of an Exclusive Distributor
  2. Cooperation opportunities among Ahsay's Exclusive Distributors
  3. Suggestion to Ahsay