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NAME : Roy Wichink Kruit
COMPANY : Mindtime Backup B.V.

"Using reseller channels and Ahsay online backup software, Mindtime Backup has been providing each SMB the best backup solution in Europe for 20 years", said Roy Wichink Kruit, Director of Mindtime Backup B.V from Dutch. Learn more.

Mindtime Backup: Your #1 Online backup partner

Since 2004, Mindtime Backup has focused on backups, especially online backups. The Dutch company started its business in 1998 as an automation company for notaries. There arose a great demand for safe and reliable backups. Because of this demand, one particular notary asked for an automatic solution to replace their tape streamer. Tapes were often forgotten, and restoring a few files from one particular day took a lot of work.

In the search for a reliable solution, Mindtime Backup found Ahsay Backup Software. After a few tests, the first CAL was bought through a Dutch hosting provider, and the online backup solution was born. Because the notary was so excited, Mindtime Backup stopped all automation activities and services and focused entirely on online backup. It became time to buy our licenses.

Over the years, Mindtime Backup has invented the perfect solution, using Ahsay with encrypted storage in its data centers. During this development, each SMB needs a safe and reliable backup solution. By using reseller channels and Ahsay online backup software, Mindtime Backup can provide each SMB with the best backup solution.


Since 2004, end-users have been offered a safe and secure online backup solution based on the Ahsay Backup Software. Because all other IT activities stopped, Mindtime Backup needed different ways to reach all end-users. It became clear that Mindtime Backup needed resellers to distribute the online backup solution.


Mindtime Backup developed the Reseller Management System to support resellers as much as possible. Initially, it was to allow resellers to create backup accounts for their users. After the first resellers gave access, it quickly became clear that the system needed much more. In addition to safe and reliable backups, the focus was set on the management system.

"The Reseller Management System is not just a tool for creating, editing, and billing online backups. It empowers resellers to change, monitor, and restore everything. It automatically provides solutions to backup failures or warnings and offers multiple graphs, standard 30-day reporting, and an API for clients to create their accounts."

Agents and providers

Besides the Reseller Management System, Mindtime Backup developed the Agent Management System. This system enables agents and backup providers to offer their resellers the same efficient and comprehensive Backup Management System as Mindtime Backup. In the Agent Management System, an agent can create unlimited resellers, manage invoices, monitor sales, and tracklogs.

The perfect partner

As the picture above shows, Mindtime Backup offers systems for the whole chain. This is all based on the Ahsay software and the experience from Mindtime Backup with Ahsay. "We have used the Ahsay software for 20 years and keep using it to expand our business in Europe."