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Bacloud is Ahsay's MSP partner. They provide data center services to customers worldwide. Learn more about how Bacloud works with Ahsay backup to win the market from Andrius Petkus, CCO, Bacloud. 

1. Introduce yourself & your company's background and history. Which country do you come from?

Our company, "JSC Information Systems and Technologies," was founded in 2006 in Siauliai, Lithuania. Initially, it operated as an IT maintenance company for companies. Since 2012, it has used the Bacloud brand and has provided all data center services to customers worldwide.

The name Bacloud is short for Backup Cloud, as the original idea was as a provider of data backup solutions.

Currently, 21 people work in the company.

Ahsay X Bacloud Success Story

2. What type of customers do you serve (e.g., home users, small businesses, hosting companies, etc.)? Do you offer services to customers in your own country or internationally?

We provide services to thousands of enterprises and home users worldwide—around 30% to local clients and 70% to clients outside Lithuania.

We provide local clients with specialized server services for remote workplaces, hosting various specific applications, like accountant programs.

3. What do your customers use the most popular types of data backup? (e.g., files, databases, virtual machines, Microsoft 365, Cloud File, QNAP/Synology NAS….)

We use Ahsay's solution primarily to store data copies of our accounting applications. The program makes backup copies, and we transfer them to another remote server with the help of Ahsay. This ensures that we can restore critical data, even in the event of a server failure or using vulnerabilities to encrypt client data.

Ahsay X Bacloud Success Story

4. What other services do you provide to your customers? (e.g., web hosting, IT security services, infrastructure monitoring, and support….)

We provide dedicated servers, web hosting, virtual Windows and Linux VPS servers, server colocation, IT infrastructure as a service, backup as a service, specialized program hosting, and many more. Our dedicated team provides specialized IT services to our local customers.

5. What are the difficulties marketing backup services to your potential customers? How do you tackle them?

After various press stories about data encryption, hacks, data locks, and ransom demands, we are receiving inquiries from potential new customers and calls from existing customers with questions about backups. It makes you think about different scenarios and data security.

The loss of critical data can determine the company's continued success, so after explaining the potential risks and the importance of the data, customers are usually inclined to order backup services. We include the backup service as an integral part of the service package in the application-specific hosting offers we send to our customers.

6. What are the opportunities/threats in the data backup & recovery market?

In the world, incidents related to data theft, encryption, ransom demand, and data destruction are constantly increasing. New, as yet unknown threats are constantly emerging, so backups are the only tried-and-true method. As the number of events grows, so does the need for backups.

Getting your backups right is only one part of success; the speed of restoring those backups is another crucial part. If the restoration of the copies takes several days, the customers can suffer a huge loss because they cannot work during that time. Being able to offer a quick fix.


Ahsay X Bacloud Success Story

7. How do you plan to tackle those opportunities/threats?

Backups are becoming increasingly important not only for servers but also for all other devices that store important. Most new smart devices already have a backup solution in the software.

We target customers who need home computers or home server backups. Those users usually do not expect that devices can fail, get physically destroyed, or be encrypted by viruses. If there is important data, backup is a must.

8. Give an example of the most successful backup & recovery customer case you have experienced.

The international company's server, to which 180 people connect, became unavailable after the software update. The gatekeepers could not connect and work on the server, disrupting the company's work. Using Ahsay backups, we performed a quick data recovery that brought the server and remote workstations back to life.

Or the car repair service uses a local server. We convinced the client that backups were necessary. The client ordered the services. Less than a month later, the server was hacked, the data was encrypted, and a ransom was demanded for data recovery. The client brought the server to us, and with the help of Ahsay backups, we could restore that data quickly enough. Timely decisions saved the car service from a very long disruption of work.