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Safe Data Storage Success Story

NAME : David Cleaver
COMPANY : Safe Data Storage Ltd

"Our end-user client base proliferated with the Ahsay product.", said David Cleaver, Technical Director of Safe Data Storage Ltd from UK. Learn more. 

Start backup business journey

Safe Data Storage Limited was set up in 2004. It aimed to simplify the backing up of data without relying on user interaction and unreliable tape drives. Our service was unique right from the start, offering a managed service by monitoring every backup and informing the user if there was a problem. We used several products, but once we found the Ahsay Backup Software, it was clear it was the only product we needed. We worked closely with Ahsay and have had the pleasure of meeting them in Hong Kong on many occasions. They were highly passionate about their product and listened to our requirements.

In 2012, we forged a strategic partnership with PRIMUS DATACENTER in Porto Alegre, South Brazil, expanding our services to include dedicated managed hosting. This collaboration allowed us to test a range of services and products, leading us to our ideal combination: Ahsay System Corporation from China, monitored by MyClientGlobal from New Zealand.

End users

Our end-user client base experienced rapid growth with the Ahsay product. We started with small peer-to-peer networks, then expanded to SMEs, large PLCs, universities, and academies. The product's versatility was evident as it seamlessly handled all these diverse clients. While we recommend a few adjustments for large data volumes, the product performs exceptionally well once these are in place.


From the early years, it was clear that the Ahsay Backup Product could be resold, so we developed our reseller portal, which enabled us to bring resellers on board. The product we offered our resellers needed to do exactly what it said it would, and it does that!

Protecting our client's data

With the Ahsay Replication service, we are able to safely replicate all of our clients' encrypted data from our Primary UK Data Centre to our second UK Replication Data Centre.