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TeraBox Success Story

NAME : Mr. Jani Willberg
COMPANY : Zoner internet solutions

"It is easy to upsell our customers Ahsay backup because of all the benefits it brings to them.", said Jani Willberg, Chairman of The Board of Zoner internet solutions.

Zoner as a company

Zoner, a mid-sized hosting company based in Finland, has been a successful and enduring partner of Ahsay since 2005. With approximately 13,000 customers benefiting from our services, we have firmly established ourselves as a trusted provider. Our client base, primarily composed of small and mid-sized Finnish companies, has experienced significant growth and satisfaction through our partnership with Ahsay.

Why we are using Ahsay products

Many clients require a VPS (virtual private server) service over shared hosting plans. VPS customers are significant to us since their monthly revenue tends to be much higher than our other customers. A critical aspect of such a service is the backup process, where Ahsay backup solutions come in handy.

What we like about Ahsay

Ahsay stands out as a remarkably flexible solution, offering a multitude of options for backing up files and data. This unique feature reassures us that we can cater to every customer's specific needs, thereby enhancing their satisfaction and our business performance.

One of the most compelling aspects of Ahsay is its marketability. The product is so effective and user-friendly that it practically sells itself, instilling confidence in our sales team and boosting our revenue potential. While our VPS environment allows our customers to create and manage image snapshots of their servers, there are better backup solutions.

Ahsay allows us to backup even specific files and maintain multiple backup versions, which is very convenient in case of a restore process.

Therefore, it is not just easy, but also highly lucrative to upsell our customers Ahsay backup due to the multitude of benefits it brings them. Our data demonstrates that this strategy has enabled us to generate a substantial 20-40% more monthly revenue from a VPS customer, significantly boosting our bottom line and inspiring further growth.

Not just for our VPS clients

As a hosting company, we also have many servers that require flexible backup solutions. Naturally, we use the same service we sell to our clients.

What is also great about Ahsay as a product is that we can even sell the backup solution to a customer whose server we do not provide. We maintain their backups if they want their site hosted somewhere else. This flexibility allows us to tap into a broader market, further contributing to revenue growth.