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TeraBox Success Story

NAME : Mr. Dang Ngoc Chien (Sales Manager)
COMPANY : TeraBox Technology Co. Ltd

"Ahsay backup software has been a reliable partner in serving our Vietnamese customers. It has consistently protected their data and prevented data loss disasters.", said Dang Ngoc Chien, Sales Manager of TeraBox Technology Co. Ltd. 

1. Company background

TeraBox Technology supports cloud computing services and software, such as online backup, cloud servers, and fair-cost solutions for personal users and SMBs. We aim to become a first-class cloud computing service provider in Vietnam.

2. Why did you choose Ahsay over other backup solution providers?

Ahsay stands out as a cloud backup technology provider with its user-friendly interface, making it easy for end users to navigate. Its robust backup technology features, such as Oracle Backup, VMWare/ Hyper-V Run Direct, and Multiple Destinations support, are unique in the market. The Centralized Management Console with Group Policy simplifies IT Administrators' tasks. Moreover, Ahsay's competitive pricing is a significant advantage in Vietnam's backup market, where SMBs often have limited budgets for backup systems.

The Ahsay Support Team and Sales Team have been instrumental in our success. They have provided prompt and knowledgeable assistance whenever needed, ensuring that our operations run smoothly and our customers are satisfied with our services.

3. What is the importance of Ahsay's products in your business mix?

We are a Vietnamese cloud service provider, and cloud backup is one of our strategic services. Few backup service providers exist in Vietnam, which presents a great opportunity for us in this market. Cloud backup is a critical component of our service offering, as it allows us to help our customers protect their valuable data and ensure business continuity in the event of a data loss disaster.

4. What is the most successful case in selling Ahsay you have experienced?

We have sold Ahsay backup software to some big companies in Vietnam. The most successful case is Saigontourist - one of the biggest travel companies in Vietnam with nearly 10,000 staff. They successfully used Ahsay backup software to protect the data of their Head Office and more than 15 branches located in many cities from Northern to Southern Vietnam. This case has been a significant milestone for us, demonstrating the scalability and effectiveness of AhsayCBS v7 in a large enterprise environment. Ahsay Backup Software has helped them restore important financial data from ransomware viruses many times, further underscoring its value in data protection and recovery.

5. What are the three key features of v7 you like most? Why did you upgrade to Version 7?

VMWare/ Hyper-V Run Direct

Multiple Destinations Backup + Wide Range of Cloud Storage Support Users can restore the database directly (e.g., MS SQL, MS Exchange, Oracle) instead of restoring to *.bak file and then importing them to DB like Version 6 We have upgraded from Version 6 to AhsayCBS Version 7 because of the enhanced features listed above, especially the VM Run Direct feature. Now, we can offer our customers more VM backups instead of only file backups, and we have managed to generate much more revenue from our existing storage customers.

6. Would you recommend AhsayCBS to other business owners?

Yes. We have recommended Ahsay's backup solution to some of our customers who want to build their backup system rather than just use cloud service. With its robust backup technology, flexible options, and competitive pricing, AhsayCBS offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes.

7. Any other comments?

Ahsay backup software is a reliable partner in serving our Vietnamese customers. It has consistently protected their data and prevented data loss disasters. We are particularly grateful for the exceptional support from the Ahsay Support and Technical teams. Even in our early days, when we had limited experience, Ahsay's teams resolved all our tickets patiently and professionally, instilling confidence in their support services.