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TeraBox Success Story

NAME : Mr. Heimir Eidskrem
COMPANY : SmartCloud, LLC (formerly Smart IT Services)

"In CryptoLocker ransomware attack, not a single file was lost due to Ahsay backup, and it was an easy and fast restore.", said Heimir Eidskrem, IT Director of SmartCloud. Learn more SmartCloud success story with Ahsay. 

Company background

SmartCloud is a small company that offers cloud, remote backup, and email services to local businesses in Texas, United States. Our principals have been in the industry for 20+ years.

When did you start your relationship with Ahsay?

We have been partnered with Ahsay since 2015.

Why did you choose Ahsay over other backup solution providers?

We used a competitor for years. We had another company that has been doing remote backup since 2000. The competitor software was buggy, but we stuck with them for several versions. As there were many issues with the software, we spent more time on remote backup than on other services we offered.

After evaluating several other remote backup software, we found Ahsay to be the most efficient and time-saving solution. With Ahsay, we spend significantly less time on remote backup, allowing us to focus more on other services we offer.

What is the importance of Ahsay's products in your business mix?

Ahsay is a must-have for us now. We sell the product but also use it internally.

What is the most successful case in selling Ahsay you have experienced?

We have one client who is backing up over 11TB of data. There are six large backup sets, over 7.4 million files, and over 11TB of uncompressed data, which is 41% compressed. Some files are large animation files over 30 GB.

We did not stage this backup. It ran over the wire for days. The client had a 100/20 MB internet connection, which was exactly that fast, but Ahsay handled it very well.

We have other clients with backups larger than 1TB. They all run with no problems. We are backing up Exchange, SQL, and file data for the same client.

Restoring files with Ahsay is fast. Our previous software could take hours to reach where you selected the files to back up. It had to download a file list, which took several hours if the backup set was large.

One of our clients fell victim to the CryptoLocker ransomware, which encrypted all their files. Thanks to Ahsay, we were able to rebuild the server and restore all the data without losing a single file. This real-world scenario showcases the ease and speed of Ahsay's restoration process, a testament to its effectiveness.