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Build My Branded CBS Installer Service

The process to build a customized AhsayCBS installer file may be daunting. This service was created for partners who has a high-resolution logo, but lack the resource to perform the AhsayCBS customization.

Ahsay's professional service team will do the build for you, and provide you your branded CBS installer for you to perform your installation. (Branded CBS installer will include branded OBM and ACB clients)

This service is for Partners who:

  • Want a customized branded CBS installer built for the latest public release version.
  • Do not need the full Total Rebranding experience. ​
  • Do not have the resources or time to build a test environment in order to build a branded AhsayCBS/client installer. ​
  • No advanced technical skills is required.​ ​
  • You want Ahsay to build the branded installers (Windows, Linux, and/or UBS).​


  • You own the Rebranding Option in your account.
  • Partner is required to submit high resolution logo, branding text properties, according to template we will provide.​


  • Partner provides Ahsay with the branding text properties.
  • Partner provides Ahsay with high resolutions logo according to v9 spec.​
  • Ahsay will build the branded AhsayCBS and client installers for the latest public release at time of build (custom hotfixes not included, specific CBS version cannot be requested.)
  • Ahsay will provide sample screenshots of your branded product. If there are minor changes not faulted by Ahsay, one further revision is permitted for second build.​
  • Custom download link for you to retrieve your branded installer. (The link will be temporarily available for a limited time.)


  • Digital Signature (Windows Authenticode) - Incorporate your own Windows Code Signing certificate, you will need to supply your cert and related details.
  • SSL Certificate - Incorporate your own SSL Certificate, you will need to supply your cert and private key.​

Out-of-Scope (not included):

  • Request for specific CBS/OBM/ACB version is not permitted.
  • Request for specific hotfix is not permitted.​
  • Customization not part of the standard branding experience.
  • Customization possible only after installation (ie custom policies) is out of scope.​
  • Customization of AhsayMOB is not included.​


2 weeks business time