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Ahsay backup server contains a powerful set of centralized remote monitoring features, accessible from the AhsayCBS web management console with a web browser and internet connection. To assist MSPs to efficiently manage all aspects of their backup business within a single dashboard.

Ahsay Monitoring

Key Features:

  • System resource monitoring

    Stay up-to-date on the core vitals of your backup server in real-time with; CPU, Java memory, network, and storage usage. As well number of live threads.
  • System Information

    Show information about your backup servers; operating system, CPU architecture, physical memory installed, swap file usage etc.
  • Live Activities

    Provide real-time status monitoring of customer backup and restore jobs. As well as Data replication, Restore Drill, and Redirector status.
  • Backup/Restore Logs

    Get detailed reports on all customer backups and restore jobs on your backup servers. As well as backup errors and audit logs.