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Data Replication

Ahsay offers a Data Replication feature as part of its backup solution. This feature allows you to replicate your backup data directly hosted on your AhsayCBS backup server to ensure its safety and availability. With Data Replication, you can rest assured that your data is always safe and accessible when needed. Don’t wait until it’s too late - invest in AhsayCBS data replication today and protect your backup data.

AhsayCBS Replication is easy to use and highly reliable. It provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your backup data is always safe and secure, even when your backup server and or storage system suffers a critical outage. You will have an updated copy of your backup data with replication enabled.

Ahsay Data Replication

Key Features:

  • Close to real-time replication
    After data is backed up from AhsayOBM / AhsayACB client to the AhsayCBS backup server, the data replication is triggered almost instantly.
  • Granular control of replication data
    The AhsayCBS system administrator can choose the specific users and or backup sets owned by users created on both AhsayOBM / AhsayACB for replication and better utilization of network and storage capacity.
  • Protecting many backup servers
    An AhsayCBS replication server can be deployed for receiving data replicated from multiple AhsayCBS backup servers.
  • Multi-threaded replication
    AhsayCBS support multi-threaded replication to optimize replication performance. Where the number of backup set replicate is limited by the number of CPU cores on your AhsayCBS backup server.
  • Quickly convertible to a backup server
    When the AhsayCBS backup server is down. The replication server can be quickly converted into a primary AhsayCBS backup server to minimize downtime and get your backup service running quickly.
  • Zero hardware investment for cloud replication
    If you don't want to use another AhsayCBS server as the replication receiver. Public cloud storage can be used as the replication destination. This option is very cost effective as not up front investment required for hardware and or hosting charges.

    It is also the quickest way to replicate your AhsayCBS backup server data. As you can start replicating as soon as you have provisioned your cloud storage.
  • Real-time replication monitoring
    The real time status of your replication and receiver can be tracked in the system panel of your AhsayCBS web management console.
  • Retention policy for replicated data
    If backup data is replicated to another AhsayCBS server. Setting a retention period and restoring point interval to keep multiple version of deleted replication data is possible.
  • Network traffic limit
    The Network traffic limit can be set for specific periods to manage network bandwidth efficiently.
  • IP access restriction
    You can set an IP restriction for improved server security to prevent unwanted IPs from accessing the replication server.
  • Detailed replication log
    Detailed replication logs are available for troubleshooting purposes.