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This video will show you step-by-step how to install AhsayACB on your Mac, to ensure you can get AhsayACB up and running.

Please use the following steps to install AhsayACB on macOS using DMG online installer.

  1. On your AMBaaS management console, click on the download button to access the download page.
  2. From the AhsayOBM tab, look for macOS. Then, select the DMG online installer to download the package installer of your AhsayACB.
  3. After the download is completed, double-click the downloaded acb.pkg file.
  4. Once the AhsayACB setup window opens, click [Continue].
  5. Click [Continue].
  6. Click [Continue].
  7. Then, select [Agree].
  8. Click [Install].
  9. Enter your account password, then click [Install Software].
  10. Installation may take up to a few minutes depending on your internet connection.

  11. Once the installation has been successfully completed, click [Close].
  12. To launch AhsayOBM, open Finder.
  13. Click [Applications].
  14. Then, click the AhsayACB icon to open.
  15. Once you're on the AhsayACB login page, enter your credentials to access your account.