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Please use the following steps to backup Tibero databases with AhsayOBM on Linux CLI.

Note: Configuring the backup destination storage will be in two parts:

  • Set a local folder as destination storage
  • Add Ahsay Drive as destination storage
  1. Connect to a Linux machine using an SSH client like PuTTY.
  2. Log in to the root account.
  3. Change directory to the bin folder by entering the following command:
    cd /usr/local/obm/bin
  4. Launch AhsayOBM by entering the following:
  5. Select option 1 and log in using your credentials.
  6. Select option 5 to generate a new backup set settings template.
  7. Select option 5 for Tibero Database Server.
  8. Configure the backup set settings by editing the XML file using a text editor like vi. Either quit AhsayOBM or open a new SSH session then go to the following directory:
    cd /root/.obm/config
  9. Edit the XML file by entering the follwing:
    vi backupSet.xml
  10. Configure the backup set settings by entering the desired settings in the Value Data field inside the text editor. The configurable settings are the following:
    • Backup Set Name
    • Temporary directory for storing backup files
    • Remove temporary files after backup
    • Compression type
    • Backup files' permission
    • Tibero Database Server Setting
      • Tibero Database Home
      • Tibero Login ID
      • Tibero Password
      • Tibero Host
      • Tibero Port
      • Tibero SID
    • Selected Source
    • Deselected Source
    • Enable scheduled backup
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Custom Settings
    • Name of your destination
    • Directory to store your backup files (set to a local folder)
    • Enable deduplication
    • Deduplication scope
  11. After editing the XML file, press Esc then enter :wq to save the changes and exit the text editor.
  12. Return to the bin folder and launch AhsayOBM again then login using your credentials.
  13. Select option 4 to import the backup set settings XML file.
  14. Enter [ Y ] to enable encryption.
  15. Select option 1 for Default encryption.
  16. Open your web browser and enter the URL of your backup server.
  17. Log in using your credentials and click the [ User ] tile.
  18. Click the [ Backup Set ] tab then click on the newly created backup set.
  19. Click the [ Destination ] tab.
  20. Click on the + icon to add a destination storage.
  21. Choose Ahsay Drive then click on the + icon on the lower right to add the destination storage.
  22. Click on the save icon on the lower right to save the changes.
  23. Go back to PuTTY and log in to AhsayOBM again to verify if Ahsay Drive has been added to the destination storage.
  24. Quit AhsayOBM then verify if the scheduled backup settings are correct by entering the following command:
    cat /root/.obm/log/Scheduler/debug.log
  25. Run a backup job by going to the bin folder and entering the following command:
    sh ' (Backup Set Name) '