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In the era of vast amounts of data generation and storage, managing backups is critical for any business. Amazon S3 is a popular choice for storing backups due to its robustness, scalability, and durability. However, there comes a time when you may need to delete backup sets to save on storage costs or for data management purposes. This blog post will help you through the process of deleting a backup set stored on an immutable Amazon S3 standard destination from AhsayOBM.

  1. On the AhsayOBM main screen. Click on [Backup Sets]

  2. Next to the backup set you want to delete. Click on the “trash bin” icon.

  3. Enter the 2FA one-time passcode.

  4. After successful 2FA authentication. Click on [Yes] to continue.

  5. To confirm the permanent deletion of the backup set and files. Click on [Yes].

  6. Enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access key with full access permissions.

  7. Click on [OK] to continue.

  8. After "Test completed successfully" is shown. The Backup Set and files will be permanently deleted.