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How to create a Backup Set with an immutable Amazon S3 standard destination on AhsayOBM?

Were are using a File Backup Set for the following exmaple but these steps apply to other Backup Sets as well.

1. On the destination screen. Click on "+" to add a new storage destination for your backup data.
2. From the Destination storage list, select "Amazon S3".
3. Enter the destination name, i.e. AmazonS3-immutable
4. Enter the Amazon S3 Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, Location, Storage Class, and Bucket name.

Note: If you intend to enable the immutable setting for this Amazon S3 destination. The Access Key must not contain "delete permission" privilege, otherwise the setup will fail.

5. Click on [Immutable] option.
6. Click on [Test] to continue.
7. After "Test completed successfully" is shown. Click on [OK] to continue.
8. Verify the Amazon S3 destination has immutable setting enabled. Click on [Next] to continue.
9. Use default value. Click on [Next] to continue.
10. Use default encryption setting. Click on [Next] to continue.
11. Click on [Confirm] to continue.
12. Backup Set successfully created.