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It only takes a few simple steps to deploy Ahsay on your Synology NAS device to completely backup your data to the cloud and or offsite for total protection.

Please use the following steps to install AhsayOBM on a Synology NAS device using the DSM SPK online installer.

  1. On your AMBaaS management console, click on the download button to access the download page.
  2. From the AhsayOBM tab, look for Synology. Then, select the DSM version of your Synology NAS device to download the compatible online package installer of your AhsayOBM.
  3. After the download is completed, open your Synology NAS device.
    • Click [Package Center] and manually install the obm-synology()-443....-https-54255O.spk.
    • Upload the package file and click [Next].
    • Select [I accept the terms of the license agreement] and click [Next] to continue.
    • On the Synology section under the AhsayOBM tab of the download page, copy and paste the CBS URL. Then, click [Next].
    • Click [Done] to install.
      Installation may take up to a few minutes depending on your internet connection.
  4. Once the installation has been successfully completed, click [Installed] from the Package Center.
  5. Launch AhsayOBM by clicking [Open].
  6. Or go to your Synology desktop ad click the AhsayOBM icon.
  7. From the AhsayOBM login page, enter your credentials to access your account.