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Installing AhsayOBM on your Linux CLI machines is a breeze with our step-by-step video to help you navigate your way through the Linux operating system.

Please use the following steps to install AhsayOBM on a Linux CLI machine using the TAR GZ offline installer.

  1. Connect to a Linux machine using the root account via an SSH client like PuTTY.
  2. Create a new directory, enter the following command:
    mkdir -p /usr/local/obm
  3. Change to that directory using the cd command.
    cd /usr/local/obm
  4. On your AMBaaS AhsayCBS web console, click on the download button to access backup agent download page.
  5. On the AhsayOBM tab, right-click the TAR GZ offline installer and select Copy link address.
  6. Use the curl command and paste the copied link.
    curl -Ok https:/
  7. Run the tar command to extract the package component files.
    tar xvzf obm-linux.tar.gz
  8. Run the sh script.
  9. After installation, check if AhsayOBM scheduler service is running using the ps command.
    ps -ef|grep java
  10. After confirming is the scheduler service is running, go to the bin folder.
    cd bin
  11. Enter the following command to launch the application:
  12. Choose option 1 to login and enter the following details:
    • Backup Server URL
    • Port number
    • Protocol (http or https)
    • Enable Proxy?
    • Login Name
    • Password