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Ahsay's Windows System Backup is used for a bare metal backup and recovery of servers, PCs, or notebooks running the Microsoft Windows operating system. A Windows System Backup also includes a backup of the System State. It will provide complete protection in the event of critical hardware failure or complete hard disk failure.

Please use the following steps to backup Microsoft Windows System.

  1. Click on the AhsayOBM icon from the Windows desktop.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Click [Backup Sets].
  4. Click [+].
  5. Change the name to [Windows System Backup].
  6. Select Backup set type to [MS Windows System Backup].
  7. Change the temporary location to [D:].
  8. Click [Next].
  9. Select [C:] as the backup source.
  10. Select the [switch] to create a backup schedule.
  11. Click [+] to add a new schedule.
  12. Change the backup time to [20:00].
  13. Check the [Run Retention Policy after backup].
  14. Click [Next].
  15. Set the backup mode to [Concurrent].
  16. Select the default storage destination [Ahsay Drive].
  17. Select the second storage destination [Network Drive].
  18. Then, click on [Test].
  19. Click [Next].
  20. From the Encryption data, click [Next].
  21. Click [Copy to clipboard].
  22. Click [Confirm].
  23. Input your password for the Windows User Authentication.
  24. Click [Backup now].