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Protect your critical business data against ransomware and hackers. Get your File backups running to an immutable Wasabi cloud destination in less than 2 minutes. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a Backup Set with an immutable Wasabi standard destination on AhsayOBM:

Although we are using a File Backup Set for the following example, but these steps apply to other Backup Sets as well.

  1. On the destination screen. Click on "+" to add a new storage destination for your backup data.

  2. From the Destination storage list, select "Wasabi".

  3. Enter the destination name, i.e., Wasabi-immutable
    Note: If you intend to enable the immutable setting for this Wasabi destination. The Access Key must not contain "delete permission" privilege, otherwise the setup will fail.

  4. Enter the Access Key, Secret Key, Region, and Bucket Name.

  5. Click on [Connect with SSL/TLS] option.

  6. Click on [Immutable] option.

  7. Click on [Test] to continue.

  8. After "Test completed successfully" is shown. Click on [OK] to continue.

  9. Verify the destination has immutable setting enabled. Click on [Next] to continue.

  10. Use default value. Click on [Next] to continue.

  11. Use default encryption setting. Click on [Next] to continue.

  12. Click on [Confirm] to continue.

  13. Backup Set successfully created.