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Ahsay backup provides total protection for all your guest VM's running on Hyper-V standalone or Hyper-V cluster hosts. Choose to backup the entire virtual machine or selected virtual disks, with addvanced recovery features such as Granular restore and Run Direct.

Please use the following steps to backup Virtual Machines on Hyper-V using AhsayOBM.

  1. Launch AhsayOBM.
  2. On the AhsayOBM login screen, enter your login credentials and click [OK] to continue.
  3. Click the Backup Sets tile.
  4. Click the + icon to create a new backup set.
  5. Enter the name of your new backup set then select MS Hyper-V Backup as the backup set type.
  6. AhsayOBM will automatically detect the Hyper-V version. Click [Next] to continue.
  7. Select the guest VMs or individual virtual disk(s) as the backup source. Click [Next] to continue.
  8. Create an automatic backup schedule. Click the + icon to create etiher a full or incremental backup schedule. Click [Next] to continue.
    Enable "Run Retention Policy after backup" when creating a backup schedule.
  9. Select the Backup mode and click the + icon to add a storage destination. Click [Next] to continue.
    Turn off Run Direct in order to select Ahsay Drive as a destination storage.
    Note: When Run Direct is enabled, both compression and encryption will be disabled for the backup set.
  10. Use the default setting for Granular Restore. Click [Next] to continue.
    Note: When Granular Restore is enabled, both compression and encryption will be disabled for the backup set.
  11. Use the default setting for Encryption. Click [Next] to continue.
  12. Secure the encryption key and keep it in a safe place. Click [Confirm] to continue.
  13. Select the location of the Temporary Directory.
    It is recommended to select another local drive for the temporary directory for optimal backup and restore performance.
  14. Click [Backup now] to start a backup job or click [Close] to exit.
    The automatic backup will start at the schedule set in step 8.