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We are going to discuss how to delete a backup set stored on an immutable Wasabi Standard destination using AhsayOBM. This process is something every user should know how to do, but it requires careful steps to ensure no data is lost or corrupted.

  1. On the Ahsay OBM main screen. Click on [Backup Sets]

  2. Next to the backup set you want to delete. Click on the “trash bin” icon.

  3. Enter the Two-Factor Authentication one-time passcode.

  4. After successful authentication. Click on [Yes] to continue.

  5. To confirm the permanent deletion of the backup set and files. Click on [Yes].

  6. Enter the Access Key and Secret Access key with full access permissions.

  7. Click on [OK] to continue.

  8. After "Test completed successfully" is shown. The Backup Set and files will be permanently deleted.