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Data backup solutions have evolved significantly over the years, with many businesses opting for cloud-based backup options. However, Ahsay still offers the Bring Your Own Disk (BYOD) backup option for customers. In this blog post, we will discuss why Ahsay still keeps BYOD as an option for customers.


One of the primary reasons why Ahsay still offers BYOD as an option for customers is flexibility. Some businesses prefer to keep their data on cloud, on-premises storages, and BYOD allows them to do so. With BYOD, customers can use their own cloud, on-premises storages to back up their data. This way, they can maintain full control over their data and where it is stored.


Ahsay still offers BYOD as an option because of security concerns. While cloud-based backup solutions are generally safe and secure, some businesses may prefer to keep their data on premises storage that they can control. BYOD allows customers to maintain full control over their data, including where it is stored and who has access to it. This way, they can ensure that their data is stored securely and that only authorized personnel can access it. Additionally, you can encrypt your data using software such as Ahsay, which provides enterprise grade security and backup services to your data such as 256-bit encryption and two-factors authentication(2FA) to prevent data loss.


Finally, Ahsay keeps the BYOD option for its customers is cost-effectiveness. Ahsay understands that storage come in all shapes and sizes, and businesses have different backup requirements. Therefore, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all storage solution, Ahsay allows its customers to choose their preferred storage device. This way, businesses can save money by purchasing storage that fit their backup needs and budget.

In conclusion, Ahsay keeps the BYOD option for its customers because it is flexible, secure and cost-effective. This option allows businesses to choose the cloud, on-premises storage that suits their needs and budget, customize their backup solution, and ensure the security of their data. If you are looking for a backup solution that offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and security, Ahsay is the right choice for you. Ahsay has bring your own disk file backup package as lower as USD0.5 per 100GB. Learn more.