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Comprehensive backup Microsoft 365

Ahsay can full support for Microsoft Teams data, Outlook, OneDrive, Personal Sites, SharePoint Sites, and Public Folders, to provide total data protection for your Microsoft 365 organization.

Multiple levels of granular data selection

Ahsay support multiple level of granular data selection, ensures that only the critical data your customers require is backed up. Reducing backup time and storage quotas and charges.

Quick and responsive search function

The best Microsoft 365 backup and recovery solution must have fast and responsive search function. To quickly locate the user accounts you need to backup, no matter how large Microsoft 365 organization. The search function should cover Teams Group, SharePoint Sites, and public folders. Reducing the time and costs needed by administrators to setup and maintain large Microsoft 365 backup sets.

Fast accessing data through

User-friendly navigation

The best Microsoft 365 backup and recovery solution user interface with gives quick access to the type of data you need to recover for selecting users, SharePoint Sites, or Public Folders. Combined with fast and responsive search function to quickly locate the exact items required. For user account restores, the layout of the user interface should be organized with separate tabs for Outlook, OneDrive, Personal Sites, and Teams Chats. Helps to narrow down and locate the items or files you want to restore quickly.

Date filter

A date filter is very useful in helping to quickly recover items or files from either Outlook, OneDrive, Personal Sites, or Teams Chats by narrowing down the potential list of items or files to within a specific time frame you need to restore.

Preview Button

A handy feature to check the contents of; emails, SharePoint Sites, MS Teams Chats without having to restore them first, to make sure they are the files that you really want to recover. Use a “Preview” button to quick view contents of backed up items or files. For example, on Outlook, just click on the preview button beside the email. The contents of the email and any attachments will be shown instantly!

Quick recovery

Click on “Quick Download” use together with the “Preview” button will restore email and attachments as a PST file to a local machine. Or if you just want to recover the attachments. Just click on the corresponding attachment(s) to download them in original format! Instantly!

“Quick Download” also supports recovery of individual files from OneDrive in original format to a local machine in a few clicks.

Flexible online recovery options

A point in time recovery to:

  1. The original user account.
  2. An alternative user account.
  3. Or a completely different Microsoft Organization.

Supporting offline recovery data

Multiple offline recovery options to a local drive! Giving you total control and ownership of your Microsoft 365 data.

  1. Restore Outlook mailboxes as a PST file.
  2. Restore SharePoint Sites as a CSV file.
  3. Restore Teams Chats as a HTML file.
  4. Restore Outlook, SharePoint, or Teams Chats as one single compressed archive file to either a local drive or to OneDrive.

Affordable Microsoft 365 backup and recovery solutions

You may think the backup of Microsoft 365 requires a lot of cloud storage as it contains large amounts; regular files, video, photos, audio files etc. However, a backup solution with advanced data deduplication and compression technology can effectively reduce the size of the backup data by up to 50%, providing not only data protection but considerable savings on storage charges. Now, Ahsay offers a Microsoft 365 backup plan starting at US$2/month which includes 50GB per mailbox) with data deduplication and file compression. If you bring your own disk (BYOD), charges will be much lower.

Using Ahsay to safeguard Microsoft 365 data against ransomware, hackers, and data corruption. They provide 100% peace of mind on fast, secure, and reliable data protection, unparalleled multi-level granular and offline recovery options. Ahsay you will always retain access to all your customers critical data. Try it free!