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There are many Microsoft 365 backup solutions out there. Why choose Ahsay?


  1. Microsoft Authorized Partner We are a Microsoft Authorized partner for Microsoft 365 backups. Check it out here. 
  2. Affordable Full protection and complete peace of mind from just $2. Check out our pricing
  3. Data storage cost savings With advanced data duplication technology and file compression. Ahsay backups will reduce data storage by up to 50%. Therefore, generating savings on your data storage costs.
  4. No upfront investment Ahsay backup solution does not require specific hardware investment nor staff with technical skills. A Microsoft 365 backup can be setup on an existing PC/workstation in minutes. For details, please visit our backup channel at
  5. Fast Backup and Recovery Just a few clicks on Ahsay platform to backup and restore Microsoft 365 data includes Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive.
  6. Flexible Recovery Options Allows recovery of files or emails to original Microsoft 365 user account or alternative user account or another Microsoft 365 tenant. Even allows recovery of files to a local machine when Microsoft 365 service is unavailable.
  7. Enterprise Grade Security All connections are done using secure https protocol, with backup data encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption using a randomized encryption key, and further secured using Two-factor authentication to protect against hackers.
  8. Multi-destinations Protection Having your backup stored at one destination is not secure enough. Ahsay allows you to store backup at multiple destinations includes on-premises network share, FTP/SFTP server and cloud storage, to eliminate data loss possibility. The arrangement definitely complies with 3-2-1 enterprise backup strategy.
  9. Quick Support Whenever you bump into problems, our professional team can quickly identify and solve your problem within the same business day.

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