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Most people believe regular backups are enough to protect them against data loss. However, they do not realize that backup data may get corrupted over time due to hardware failure, storage issues, or human error if a disaster happens! Your data recovery process may fail due to errors caused by corrupted or incomplete backup data. How can this be prevented?

Q1: What is Ahsay restore drill?

Ahsay Restore Drill provides MSPs with an efficient and cost-effective way of ensuring the health of their customers' backup data with regular data validation. It will give customers complete confidence in their backup data integrity and recoverability. It enables customers to conduct periodic disaster recovery drills without needing to deploy or purchase additional hardware.

Q2: Any good news?

All Restore Drills are done using existing resources. No extra cost is required.

Q3: How long does it take to set the restore drill?

Your customer's backup data is validated either every 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. The default Restore Drill interval is 6 months.

Q4: How does the restore drill work?

For backup data stored directly on the AhsayCBS backup server, the administrator can start a Restore Drill job to validate the health of a backup set at any time using the Ahsay web management console. How does Ahsay Restore Drill validate the health of a customer's backup data? Your customers' backup data is validated using the checksum method. The backup data is read during every Restore Drill, and a checksum is generated.

The checksum is then compared with the original checksum generated when it was backed up. The checksums must match exactly!

Q5: What is a restore drill guarantee?

It will guarantee that any data backed in the past remains the same at the current time. It is 100% consistent and is fully recoverable. After each Restore Drill, a report is generated to certify the status of the backup data for compliance purposes.

Q6: Where does you restore drill work?

Ahsay Restore Drill works for backup data on all cloud and local storage destinations. It works for all backup set types.

For total peace of mind, all your backup data is validated and fully recoverable whenever needed. Upgrade to v9.7.0.0 Now! Before it's too late!