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More businesses are opting to store their critical data in cloud storage. Despite cloud storage's perceived safety and convenience, you still risk suffering data loss. The cost of data loss can be overwhelming compared to the backup cost. This blog post will delve into the necessity of backing up cloud storage with backup vendors.

The Vulnerability of Cloud Storage

While cloud storage provides great convenience, it is not infallible. Data can be lost for various reasons, such as human error, malicious attacks, or system failures. For instance, someone might accidentally delete important files, or a cyber attacker may compromise your data. Sometimes, even the cloud providers themselves may experience outages1 or lose data. Thus, having a backup with a different vendor provides extra protection for your essential data.

The Advantage of Backup Vendors

Backup vendors specialize in data protection and recovery, offering a range of features that cloud storage might not. These vendors such as Ahsay uses advanced technologies to ensure data redundancy and integrity across multiple geographical locations. They also have dedicated resources for disaster recovery and provide more comprehensive options when it comes to data retention and retrieval. Thus, you can be assured of a quick and complete recovery in the event of data loss.

Recently, Ahsay Backup released immutable backup and restore drills, effectively stopping ransomware attacks and providing data backup health checks. The cost is much lower than data loss. Check it out here.

Regulatory Compliance

Another compelling reason to use backup vendors is to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Many industries, such as healthcare and finance, have strict data storage, protection, and recovery regulations. Using a backup vendor who understands these regulations and has the necessary certifications can help businesses stay compliant and avoid hefty fines or other penalties.

In conclusion, backing up cloud storage with backup vendors is a crucial practice that provides additional data protection, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, and offers peace of mind. While cloud storage is an excellent tool for storing and accessing data, it is not immune to risks. By employing the services of a backup vendor, businesses can safeguard their important data and ensure its availability even in the face of unforeseen events. Safeguard your data now.


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