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Organization challenge

You hear, almost daily, reports of organizations of various sizes that have been brought to a standstill because of their IT systems. The system has been hit by ransomware, which has encrypted all their data. Or have been infiltrated by hackers who copied and deleted their data. In both cases, a ransom payment is demanded in cryptocurrency before they can get back your data!

The truth

No guarantee to get backup all data even you paid ransom!

Solution: Ahsay immutable backup

How can you protect your business from future attacks and ransom demands from cyber criminals? That's simple! A regular backup using Ahsay will provide total protection against all these threats! So, how can Ahsay immutable backups help me enhance data protection?

How immutable backup protects data?

As immutable backup data cannot be deleted, it protects your data from accidental deletion. As well as deletion from malicious employees and hackers.

For ransomware protection. As immutable backup data cannot be modified. It is NOT affected by ransomware that alters and encrypts your data files.

Protection against human error, malicious employees, and hackers

Improved legal compliance. Immutable backups allow businesses to comply with legal requirements. It proves that all historical backup data is authentic because it is unchanged.

With an Ahsay backup solution, all your data is fully secured using immutable backups. In addition to AES-256 bit encryption, which scrambles your data to prevent hackers from reading it without the correct key, and two-factor authentication to guard against unauthorized access.

Ahsay immutable backup supports popular cloud storage

Ahsay supports immutable backup on popular cloud storage platforms such as; Amazon S3, Wasabi, BackBlaze, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, and any S3-compatible storage. Immutable backup is even supported for data stored on your AhsayCBS backup server. It works for all backup set types.

When you protect your data with Ahsay immutable backups, you will never suffer data loss or pay ransom to hackers ever again! Upgrade to AhsayCBS v9.7. Stand up to hackers and cybercriminals!