ClickCease Ahsay Version 8: Total Microsoft 365 Backup, and more
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New v8.3 with

Fastest Microsoft 365 Backup

In this latest Ahsay Backup Software v8.3, we have further improved the performance for Microsoft 365 Backup and Restore. The speed is greatly enhanced to make it one of the fastest Microsoft 365 backup solutions on the market. Besides, many other enhancements are packed into this version, including Microsoft 365 mutli-factor authentication support, 2-factor authentication user login through AhsayOBM and AhsayACB, Backblaze B2 and Wasabi cloud storage support, much faster delta merging during restoration, etc. Experience it now with our 60 days free trial.

Total Microsoft 365 Backup and Restore

Superb Performance

Starting from v8, Ahsay empowers Microsoft 365 admin to back up everything under an Microsoft 365 domain, including Exchange Online mailboxes, Sharepoint Online data, and all users OneDrive data with a single administrator account. Backup and restore for Microsoft 365 can be done on an AhsayOBM client agent, or on the AhsayCBS web console. The pricing of this new Microsoft 365 stays competitive that no other similar backup products can come close. In the latest v8.3, the performance of Microsoft 365 backup and restore for mailboxes, SharePoint and OneDrive data has been greatly enhanced, making it one of the fastest Microsoft 365 backup solutions on the market.

Improved Security for End Users

2-Factor Authentication Login

To enhance the security of our backup software to end users, we have added 2-factor authentication user login to AhsayOBM and AhsayACB client software to prevent hackers from entering AhsayOBM / AhsayACB after compromising the client machine.

More Supported Cloud Storage

BackBlaze B2 / Wasabi Supported

To let partners use affordable cloud storage for making more profits in hosting customers' backup data, we have added 2 low cost cloud storage that many partners requested into our supported cloud storage list.

Reduce Your Cost

Let's Encrypt Free Certificate Supported

To help lowering your operating cost, Ahsay now supports the use of Let's Encrypt's free certificate.

VMware, Hyper-V, Synology, QNAP, Microsoft 365

Simplified Licensing

We simplify the licensing of similar modules by making them interchangable, including VMware and Hyper-V (per Guest VM and per CPU socket), QNAP and Synology NAS, and Microsoft 365 for AhsayOBM and AhsayACB.

Explore new business opportunities

More Languages Supported

4 new languages are now supported in the new Ahsay version 8, making it able to serve more end users around the world. Here are all languages we support now: Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek Modern, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai (Western digits), Turkish, Vietnamese.

Turn your server into powerful backup machine

AhsayUBS with Upgraded Firmware

With Ahsay Universal Backup System (AhsayUBS), you can turn any bare computer into a backup appliance in just a few mintues. With Ahsay version 8, the AhsayUBS underlying firmware has been upgraded to support more hardware drivers, making you able to use a much wider range of hardware available on the market.

More applications and virtual environments supported

Serve More Customers

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, Hyper-V 2019, VMware vCenter6.7 / ESXi 6.7, VMware Workstation 15 Pro / Player, VMware Fusion 11 Pro / 11 are all supported now so that you can serve more customers with this latest version 8.

How to Download and Try

Download the trial version of AhsayCBS centralized management console. A 60 days free trial key has been bundled within the AhsayCBS trial software already.
Install it on a physical machine or VM, and then get the AhsayCBS machine's IP / domain accessible by other computers. Refer to this Quick Start Guides for installation, basic configuration, and getting the AhsayOBM/ACB client side data backed up to the server. Here's a video demo on the initial AhsayCBS server configuration.
Follow any of AhsayOBM backup and restore guides here to create backup sets for backing up cloud data, Exchange / SQL / MySQL databases, VMware / Hyper-V virtual machines, and Microsoft 365 SharePoint / Exchange (Outlook) / OneDrive data.
The rebranding process cannot be tested with a trial license. But the procedure is simple. This video shows you how you can do it in your AhsayCBS web console.

Not sure about any of the above new features?

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