Success Story of ViceTech after partnering with Ahsay
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ViceTech from Sweden incorporated Ahsay Backup into their hosted services

NAME : Jaan Wirma (CEO)
COMPANY : ViceTech

ViceTech, a turnkey IT solutions provider from Sweden, adopted whitelabel Ahsay backup solution into their hosted services mix to better serve their business customers.

"Since 1998, we have started helping companies in operating and maintaining their IT system, as well as offering protection against intrusions. Throughout the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in both cloud and locally operated IT solutions in different dimensions. We always put our customers' need in the first place, and that's why our customer base kept growing steadily. Data backup was one of our managed services, and we had been using Ahsay's product from another local service provider for quite some time with satisfactory result. The data were hosted remotely on the service provider's side. When our customer base grew to a certain size, we decided to host Ahsay solution in-house so that the backup data can be moved back to our hosted environment." Jaan Wirma, CEO of ViceTech explained how they started partnering with Ahsay.

"Currently, we primarily use Ahsay to back up our customers' Windows servers, Hyper-V VMs and data on their Windows clients. All the backup data are stored in our self-hosted local SAN storage. We like the product because of its good performance and its friendly pricing. It's also easy to get started with. Of course there's always room for improvement and I'm glad Ahsay is willing to listen to my suggestion." Jaan said.

As a responsible backup software vendor, we are definitely eager to know partners' feedback and try our best to respond as soon as possible so as to keep ourselves competitive in the market.