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How to Earn $10,000 a Month by Selling Backups?

We explore how you can earn $10,000 a month by selling backup solutions.

Achieve savings on cloud backup storage costs

Smart MSPs can easily achieve savings from their cloud backup business and boost profits with this simple technique.

The Smart MSPs Profit Boosting Secret

Smart MSPs can easily boost profits from their cloud backup business with this simple technique.

How to Save Storage and Backup Costs Using Google Drive?

Data is one of the most important assets for both individuals and businesses. However, storing and backing up this data can be expensive, especially when dealing with large amounts.

Leveraging Microsoft 365 OneDrive For A Cost-Efficient Backup

We discuss taking advantage of utilizing the ample OneDrive storage capacity of Microsoft 365 subscription plans, as a cost-efficient way of storing your Ahsay backup data.

When World Backup Day Falls on Easter Holidays

Data loss can be a catastrophic event in an increasingly digital world. Thankfully, World Backup Day highlights the importance of regularly backing up data. Interestingly, this year, World Backup Day coincides with the Easter holidays.

Top Security Measures For SME

News: The Top Security Measures Every Small Business Needs for Cyber Protection


Storage And Backup Spend Target In 2024

Storage and backup spend in 2024 targets risk and resilience. Is this your priority for your storage and backup spend?

Save Backup Cost With Data Retention Policy

An effective data retention policy can help businesses save on storage costs and improve overall data management.

Why Backup Cloud Storage With Backup Vendors?

This blog post will delve into the necessity of backing up cloud storage with backup vendors.

We need backup! Pennsylvania Case Shows Why

Police evidence systems data was lost during ‘routine maintenance’, with human error blamed – the case illustrates why data protection can’t be left to chance.

How to Backup Faster without staging files?

Ahsay will explore how the Backup No Staging File method works and why it is faster than traditional backup methods.