ClickCease 백업 전문 엔지니어의 지원으로 더욱 원활하게 업무 처리를 해보세요. - Ahsay 백업
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백업 전문 엔지니어의 지원으로 더욱 원활하게 업무 처리를 해보세요

아쎄이 (Ahsay)의 고객 지원 팀은 다음과 같은 서비스를 통해 고객이 직면한 문제를 해결할 수 있도록 지원합니다.

Standard Support Premium Support Priority-1 Support
Eligibility Valid maintenance #2 Eligibility Valid maintenance Valid maintenance
Premium Membership Fee #1
Valid maintenance
US$600 per case #2


Urgent known issue resolution 2 business days 1 calendar day 1 business day
Urgent unknown issue cause identification 5 business days 3 calendar days 3 business days
Non-urgent issue cause identification 8 business days 5 calendar days 5 business days
First response 8 business hours 4 hours
(during Ahsay office hours *)
8 hours
(outside Ahsay office hours)
4 business hours

Support Hours

Support hours 16 x 5
(0900 to 0200 GMT+8)
24 x 7 16 x 5
(0900 to 0200 GMT+8)

Priority Escalation

Jump the queue, Support case escalated to the 1st Senior Tier-2 position N/A N/A

Proactive Support

Continuous system monitoring
Free usage of monitoring software **

Problem Solving

Scheduled remote support

Communication Channel

Support Ticket
Live Chat
Global Hotline:
+1 929 2351282
Dedicated support engineer
Work in your time zone
Direct email communication

Exclusive - New Premium Support Subscriber

Welcome Reward : Priority-1 Support Service Coupon x 1 #3 N/A N/A
* Ahsay's office hours are from 0900 to 1800 (GMT +8) Monday to Friday.
** Use of Zabbix monitoring tool.
#1 Premium Membership Fee - Please contact our sales for details.
#2 Create a Support Ticket if you want to purchase the Priority-1 Support Service. If within 14-days you subscribe to Premium Membership after purchasing the Priority-1 Support Service, you can apply $300 USD from the Priority-1 Support Service to the cost of the Premium Support subscription fee.
#3 Welcome Reward is only applicable to new Premium Membership subscriber who have never rebate from Priority-1 Support Service.