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Ahsay offers two types of backup solutions:
Ahsay Managed Backup-as-a-Service 15-day free trial registration
Managed Backup-as-a-Service (AMBaaS)
For MSPs who prefer not to host or maintain their backup server and infrastructure. With a simple storage-based pricing model, with the option of using either an Ahsay branded or a co-branded service.
No hardware provisioning required.
​No storage provisioning required.​
​No complicated server installation.​
​No advanced technical skills required.​
​No Hassle! Up and running in no time at all.​
The smartest way to start your backup business is to sign up with Ahsay Managed Backup-as-a Service. A platform which allows MSP’s to quickly start their backup business with minimal cost, risk, and time.
As the backup server is hosted and monitored by Ahsay, you can offload all AhsayCBS backup server maintenance and management tasks to our experience IT team. Leaving you to focus 100% on marketing, sales, and customer service to grow your backup business.
A private pre-installed and configured
backup server instance.​
A pre-configured login account to AhsayCBS
backup server web admin console.
​​A customized unique URL​
​A pre-configured AhsayOBM user account.​​
100GB of free cloud storage.
​The login credentials for your environment.​
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Get Served by Our Support Engineers

Our professional customer support team is dedicated to help our customers solve any problems encountered through one of the following services.

Standard Support Premium Support Priority-1 Support
Eligibility Valid maintenance #2 Eligibility Valid maintenance Valid maintenance
Premium Membership Fee #1
Valid maintenance
US$600 per case #2


Urgent known issue resolution 2 business days 1 calendar day 1 business day
Urgent unknown issue cause identification 5 business days 3 calendar days 3 business days
Non-urgent issue cause identification 8 business days 5 calendar days 5 business days
First response 8 business hours 4 hours
(during Ahsay office hours *)
8 hours
(outside Ahsay office hours)
4 business hours

Support Hours

Support hours 16 x 5
(0900 to 0200 GMT+8)
24 x 7 16 x 5
(0900 to 0200 GMT+8)

Priority Escalation

Jump the queue, Support case escalated to the 1st Senior Tier-2 position N/A N/A

Proactive Support

Continuous system monitoring
Free usage of monitoring software **

Problem Solving

Scheduled remote support

Communication Channel

Support Ticket
Live Chat
Global Hotline:
+1 929 2351282
Dedicated support engineer
Work in your time zone
Direct email communication

Exclusive - New Premium Support Subscriber

Welcome Reward : Priority-1 Support Service Coupon x 1 #3 N/A N/A
* Ahsay's office hours are from 0900 to 1800 (GMT +8) Monday to Friday.
** Use of Zabbix monitoring tool.
#1 Premium Membership Fee - Please contact our sales for details.
#2 Create a Support Ticket if you want to purchase the Priority-1 Support Service. If within 14-days you subscribe to Premium Membership after purchasing the Priority-1 Support Service, you can apply $300 USD from the Priority-1 Support Service to the cost of the Premium Support subscription fee.
#3 Welcome Reward is only applicable to new Premium Membership subscriber who have never rebate from Priority-1 Support Service.

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