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VMware vSphere / ESXi / vCenter
Backup Solution for Businesses and MSPs

  • • Simple, reliable and flexible solution for VMware protection
  • • Instant recovery to meet recovery objectives
  • • Scalability to meet growing needs
  • • Ensure business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR)

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* Ahsay is a server-client software suite that is designed for larger businesses or MSPs with many VMware hosts to back up, and require central web management for monitoring all users' backup activities. HERE is our another easier to use product if you just need to backup one or a few VMware hosts.
VMware ESXi / vCenter Backup

Ahsay's VMware backup and disaster recovery solution promises quick, safe and easy protection for a VMware environment that allows you to bring up a backed up VM, or recover individual files within a VM backup file quickly for disaster recovery. Key VMware backup features:

Granular files restore

VM instant spin-up

Live VM migration

Point in time VM restore

VMware Changed Block Tracking

ESXi free version supported

Backup through vCenter or a standalone machine

Backup to multi-destinations

VMware Guest VMs Backup and Disaster Recovery

Preparation :

Deploy AhsayCBS backup server in your datacenter. This AhsayCBS machine has to be very powerful for simultaneously spin-up multiple guest VMs.
Provision a VMware ESXi host in your datacenter as a DR host.
Prepare an AhsayOBM machine in datacenter to backup the running VMs on the DR host.
We also suggest you to manage the DNS settings for the production VMs so that you can quickly change the settings during disaster recovery.
In your live's environment, use free remote monitoring tool like Zabbix to monitor the health of your customer's production host.

Deployment :

For each guest VM, create a VMware backup set with AhsayOBM installed on the vCenter or a standalone machine that is on the same network as the production VMware ESXi host. Enable Granular Restore and VM Run Direct features in the backup set, and set to back up to two destinations, one to local / mapped drive, and the other to AhsayCBS backup server in datacenter.
When you need to restore individual files within a backed up VM, use the Granular Restore feature to open and/or restore the desired files quickly, without the need to spin-up the whole backed up VM.
If a particular VM failed on the production VMware ESXi host, use the VM Run Direct feature to spin-up the backed up VM from the local backup destination to the production ESXi host, and at the same time migrate the VM back to the host with our Live Migration feature.
When a disaster strikes the whole production ESXi host, spin-up all the backed up VMs on the DR host through AhsayCBS' agentless restore feature within minutes, and at the same time migrate those VMs to the DR host with our Live Migration feature.
After all the backed up VMs are migrated to the DR host, edit the DNS records to fail over the traffic to the spun-up VMs on your DR host.
Use the AhsayOBM machine in your datacenter to keep backing up the guest VMs running on the DR host.
After customer's site has been restored with all the original machines in place, customer can take the datacenter's guest VMs backup set to restore the VMs to the original production VMware ESXi host.
Change the DNS records to switch the traffic of the VMs from the DR host to the original production host.

How Disaster Recovery Works

Service Providers Empowered

Ahsay comes with useful features that empower managed service providers in offering a self-branded well-managed backup services to your end customers.

Central web management

Monitor all users' backup and restore activities thru a single pane of glass.

Rebranding and customization

Whitelabel our software into your own branding.

Group policy

Assign different settings to different group of users.

Unlimited free trials

Create unlimited trial OBM/ACB accounts without any charges.


Replicate server settings and/or backup data to a warm standby machine.


Expand backup server farm without re-configuration on the client side.


Extract usage data for billing or integration with other MSP system.

Audit trail

Provide chronological record on activities happened on the backup server for troubleshooting.

Low Price

We offer the most competitive perpetual pricing to fulfill your backup needs. VMware add-on module to AhsayOBM client agent is priced per Guest VM basis that is far more affordable than other major competitors.

If you want to rebrand our software, just pay a low one-time Rebranding Option fee. Then, in conjunction with valid software maintenance, you can self rebrand the software through the AhsayCBS.

Talk to our sales to get the latest pricing info now.

Top Notch Support

Our Standard Support Service runs from 9am to 2am everyday Monday to Friday Hong Kong time (GMT+8) that has coverage for most timezones. You can contact us by "Phone", "Ticket" and "Live Chat". If you need 24x7 support, you can subscribe to our Premium Support Service.

Click here to view the details of our support services.

How to Download and Try

Download the trial version of AhsayCBS centralized management console. A 60 days free trial key has been bundled within the AhsayCBS trial software already.
Install it on a physical machine or VM, and then get the AhsayCBS machine's IP / domain accessible by other computers. Refer to this Quick Start Guides for installation, basic configuration, and getting the AhsayOBM/ACB client side data backed up to the server. Here's a video demo on the initial AhsayCBS server configuration.
Follow this VMware backup and restore guide to create an VMware backup set to backup your guest VMs in your VMware ESXi hosts.
The rebranding process cannot be tested with a trial license. But the procedure is simple. This video shows you how you can do it in your AhsayCBS web console.

Not sure if Ahsay suits you or not?

Just let us know your question. We will get back to you within 1 business day.