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AhsayCBS v7 Minor Version Upgrade Service
(AhsayCBS v7.x to Latest v7 Public Release)

Partners can purchase this service for Ahsay to perform a minor version upgrade from AhsayCBS v7.x to the latest public release of AhsayCBS v7.

Our Ahsay Professional Services will remotely perform an in-place upgrade of your AhsayCBS to the latest release (up to two AhsayCBS servers in the same environment). If you're branded, as part of the service we will rebuild your primary client installers, however if you have branded sub-admins it will be an extra USD$100 per sub-admin you request Ahsay to rebuild. Upon request, we will enable client Auto-Update Agent (AUA) for all users, otherwise we will leave this disable for your discretion to enable.

Service performed during Hong Kong business hours (GMT+8).



Out of scope / Exclusions:


The one-time service is valid for one-month from our engineer's first message initiating the service.



Service availability: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Hong Kong business hours)

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